The Voices

Updated on September 25, 2017
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Nestor is a student of university of benin,currently studying industrial chemistry,who believes his love for literary work came from God


I hear the voices telling me to take my life

Cool faint whispers pushing me to take the knife

A secluded life you live, not a friend to boast

Just take your life who will miss your ghost

I hear the voices make mockery of me

Do you really have to fight there's no one for thee

Nobody cares if you live or die

Make it quick and bid the earth goodbye

I hear a voice so sweet and whoosh

Good bright idea I had to say touche

Why take your life, there's a lot to give

There's someone out there who needs your love to live

Sucide is not an option never give it a thought

Come out from your shadow the world needs you a lot

Let's fight the voices and make it stop


War against sucidal thoughts

You're not alone; many of us have had suicidal thoughts at some point in our lives. Feeling suicidal is not a character defect, and it doesn't mean that you are crazy, or weak, or flawed. It only means that you have more pain than you can cope with right now. This pain seems overwhelming and permanent at the moment. But with time and support, you can overcome your problems and the pain and suicidal feelings will pass.


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      paul 5 months ago

      Nice one there