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Uncle Dan's Toolbox

author who loves to share her children's stories with her readers!

Uncle Dan's Truck Stalled

One bright morning Uncle Dan arrived to take Little Kenny to the city museum. Kenny had never been to an art museum. In fact, he had never been away from his neighborhood; hence he was jumpy when they rode in Uncle Dan’s truck.

“Don’t fret,” held Uncle Dan, stroking his toolbox. “We’ll be all right!”

In no time as the truck was circling off Kenny’s little countryside path onto an immense freeway, it stalled!

“Clogged fuel line,” announced Uncle Dan timidly. He took out the old fuel filter and blew air into it. Oh no, a tire is flat too!”

He pulled out his monkey wrench and repaired the worn tire in a manner of minutes.

Uncle Dan and Kenny

Uncle Dan and Kenny

"Don't Fret," Held Uncle Dan

“We’re back in business!” And they leaped into the big red truck. The heavens grew dim and it began to thunder and shower.

“Don’t fret,” held Uncle Dan, stroking his toolbox. “We’ll be all right!”

He eloquently reached into his dainty toolbox and snatched a mammoth vacuum cleaner. With that, he hoisted all the rainwater and the sunshine gave way.

“We’re back in business!” he cried, and they persisted down a winding path. The road came to a dead end and a monstrous river divided the land. Uncle Dan snatched his trusted toolbox again and went straight to work.

He hammered and toiled and eloquently transformed his truck into a motorboat. They crossed the river in a few minutes. He parked the boat, and then Uncle Dan reached into his toolbox for a motorcycle. They hopped on the motorcycle and arrived at the gated museum by eleven o’clock. By that time they were both famished.

The Museum Was Guarded By a Golden Policeman

The museum inspired Little Kenny.

The museum inspired Little Kenny.

The Third Story Held Egyptian Art

“May we go to a dainty restaurant,” asked Kenny?

“There is an interesting restaurant at the museum. Let’s have lunch there!”

They devoured a hearty soup with salad and crusty bread and butter. The third story displayed Egyptian art and memorabilia. Kenny yearned to go there first, for he was mesmerized by a King Tutankhamen's dark tomb. He longed to see the wrapped mummies and golden artifacts of long ago. Uncle Dan snapped heaps of cool photographs and made funny faces.

Kenny Secretly Desired to Be An Artist

Next, they were off to catch a plethora of pictures, more or less of the Renaissance era and others of modern times. Kenny especially enjoyed the masterpiece of Leonard Divinci’s Mona Lisa and Starry Night by Van Gogh. He desired to be an artist and needed to study the techniques of the great masters. He took all sorts of notes and even attempted to mimic them in his sketching pad.

“This is the deep brush strokes of Van Gogh and the gentle touch of Mona Lisa all rolled into one. What do you think, Uncle Dan?”

Kenny's Secret Masterpiece

Kenny Loved to Paint Children and Balloons with Parents in a Park Setting.

Kenny Loved to Paint Children and Balloons with Parents in a Park Setting.

Kenny Stroked His Drawing Pad and Poof, It Was Magic

Uncle Dan placed his trusted toolbox on a bench for one minute to answer Kenny and to his surprise someone accidentally grabbed it, thinking it belonged in the lost and found section. He was frantic looking for it and Kenny assured him someone would mail his belongings to his house. Except Uncle Dan couldn't wait for it! This was a test of his patience and he began to agonize about getting home before supper without his toolbox.

“Don’t fret, Uncle Dan! We’ll be all right, and Kenny stroked his drawing pad.”

He took out his colorful markers and paintbrush to cheer his uncle with a special painting. His uncle proudly admired him as he drew a striking portrait of a colorful hot air balloon.

Uncle Dan Touched Kenny's Portrait and Out Popped a Balloon

“Easily acted, my lad.” And with that, they leaped to Uncle Dan’s motorcycle and came to the tumultuous river at the end of a narrow road. The river was too wild to cruise in their motorboat! Uncle Dan touched Kenny’s portrait and it transformed into a humongous hot air balloon. They rallied in the balloon over the raging river and landed in Kenny’s backyard.

“Just in time for supper, alleged Uncle Dan. And his faithful toolbox was quietly sitting by the red front door. For someone had taken the liberty to post it and for this, they were both thankful.

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