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UnPure Love


Un-think coherent thoughts processed to inflict fears to restrict ideas of your self will to

unbelieve every lie spoken, whispered, no matter how fickle enter your mind through your ears smearing excretions of loathing of truth

unknown so never lead to gain power over your actions, to run toward every attraction that leads to bondage, minds tethered to amalgamation of souls dispositioned to lust, formulated as trust I’m compelled to

unlearn every sensation of love warped into a cocoon of porno, graphic, images stretching my mind to experiment beyond my capacity to understand I must

un-imagine myself from this world any compromise that separates me from Christ, every idol I behold exalted above my creator, I’m exposed to a twisted disfigurement of what use to be absolute

Undisputed truth that my life was never meant for use, of my own satisfaction, if by only a fraction I’m able to obtain mercy or face scourging to discourage me from disobedience to his word

unread because I was never feed more than milk; I’m unlearned some may call dumb to the hope that I could ever be more than I product of defeat planted by deceit that I could ever be complete, so I radiate myself hate holding on to my mistake but something in my spirit said wait;

I’ve unwrapped your fate, I’ve given you grace because you can become untethered from your mistakes, I hold you to the fire so you only experience the flames I drought out every impurities so that you can be redeemed and a reflection of his sovereign will.

© 2018 Leslie Robertson

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