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UG8362 - a Futuristic Satire

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Scientists are continuously inventing and discovering many new things and technologists are converting them into machines and gadgets useful for humans for a better living. Today we are talking of artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT of managing things in online and digital ways, cloud computing, and other such ambitious and exciting ideas which are definitely going to make the future lives of people having more and more comfortable by using the various types of gadgets and remote-controlled robotic mechanisms.

This is definitely a positive side of seeing things and we should also expect a bright future but there are some hidden fears in the minds of some people who think that the nuclear arsenals and other deadly weapons, which have been made and stored by the various countries, one day might bring a situation where humans will have to search for a place to hide from the radioactive environment and remain there and try to survive.

We will see in this article one of the possible methods to be adopted by future generations in case of a nuclear holocaust. I do not have any intention to create fear in the minds of the people and it is only a futuristic satire being presented to understand the extreme and rare situation which humans might have to encounter in the future.

This satire will appear to many of the readers in the nature of science fiction but the idea is not to give a science fiction story but bring a possible scenario in future in the knowledge of present-day readers. However, for the purpose of amusement, I am providing a snippet, at the end of this article, resembling a small part of a possible science fiction story pertaining to that time.

Year 2187

Due to the increasing conflicts and tensions between the powerful nations and their blind acquisition of nuclear arsenals, there was a need felt by many people to form a central agency that could think of the measures for the survival of the human race in extreme conditions like the nuclear holocaust or something of that grave nature. Due to sustained persuasions and negotiations in this direction for quite a number of years finally, by the year 2187, the world human survival federation (WHSF) was firmly in place and started to advise the various countries regarding the future safety measures and precautions in view of the threat of nuclear war as even the small nations also were well equipped with these arsenals. The federation proposed an ambitious plan of making underground colonies for any eventuality where people can move in and remain there at least for 10-15 generations before coming out to the Earth surface for reconstruction and re-establishment of normal Earth dwellings. The idea got wide acceptance and all the countries wanted to do it on priority. The world federation was flush with the initial mandatory global survival collections from almost all the nations and was not sure as to where to use these huge funds and immediately agreed to offer aid and support for the construction of these underground (UG) colonies. The project was launched with great interest and enthusiasm. It took almost 104 years to construct these UG colonies. That was an impressive work carried out using artificial intelligence, the latest construction tools etc. The same master plan was adopted everywhere. It was mentioned in the project report that due to the massive scale of construction the similarity of design and modalities of the layouts was maintained and were kept as per the master plan.

The completion of the project created a great feeling of relief on the Earth in the minds of people, especially those people who were always having fear in their minds about the nuclear war and the subsequent disastrous situation on Earth.

Year 2291

By the year 2291, millions of such UG colonies were constructed across the globe and had their water supply mainly either from the oceans or some big underground reservoirs. The water was perfectly treated with special plants for removing the radioactive contents and effects in them so that it becomes usable for human consumption. As every town had a few such underground colonies and each colony was capable of holding 12 to 15 thousand families so a large number of people could be accommodated in them. These colonies were operated with huge nuclear power stations which were erected at underground levels 7 to 10 which is about a depth of 400 ft from the surface of the Earth to protect them from any damage in case of any natural dreadful eventuality. In the year 2292, the trial run of humans started for living in those underground conditions and a thorough training program was started for making people aware of those systems related to living in UG colonies.

The colonies in a cluster in a particular area were connected through underground pipe trains that were operating at level 10 and carried people from one UG colony to another. Spacial tunnels and big sized pipelines were laid underground across the globe for transportation from one place to another. Each of the UG colonies was known by its unique Number and was administered by some of its residents who were qualified for these positions as per the selection procedure adopted by the world federation. Since the year 2285, the appointment to any such position was done through the world federation as per the world education and underground job treaty 2282 and the capable candidates for these jobs were identified by the world federation using the individual biodata accumulated in a central cloud server. The UG colonies had their own communication and internet server which was independently capable of storing the copy of all the data which was stored in the central cloud server.

The UG system turned out to be more successful than the expectations in this regard and the world federation was praised by all the stakeholders on this achievement. The UG system appeared like a parallel world below the Earth surface having all the facilities using captive electricity and nuclear power. The metal and cement used in the construction of this underground world were of the super quality as it was mentioned that it could survive the earthquakes and other such things under the Earth for at least coming 2000 years. That could be possible only due to the latest metallurgical and scientific progress at that point in time. The federation after inaugurating the massive set up issued a big manual and it was electronically sent to all the people around the globe with all the details so that in case of war if people are asked to go to the respective UGs then they should not have any difficulty in reaching and residing there. This manual was in fact like an operating and user manual for residing effectively in the UG colonies.

UG colonies were considered as the technological marvel of that time and further scope of improvement was there through the adoption of more robust robotic practices. The authentication systems were very robust and until one had the digital authorisation it was not possible to breach the boundary between the different levels. One could go down to the lower levels down to UG16 but could not go up even one level from the assigned and allotted one.

Year 2340

The year 2340 was a year of bad omens and unfortunate events due to the nuclear holocaust, at the beginning of the year 2340 itself. Consequent to that the world population was asked to move into the spacious bunkers known as UG colonies and depending upon their individual resistances to radioactivity, they were allotted the respective levels. Even if a single person of a family had less resistance to nuclear radiation the whole family was allotted a lower level. The topmost 'below the ground level' was UL0 (UL zero) and then it continued down to UL16. A total of 17 underground floors. Each level was 60 feet in height and could accommodate 6 floors within it for residential accommodation along with some open space in between for the games and sports and office complexes. A part of UL7 to UL10 levels in every UG colony was utilised for nuclear power generation which continuously illuminated the whole UG complexes and met other electrical requirements of the UG colony.

Further in time

I am closing this satire at this point assuming that the humans lived happily in those underground bunkers and hopefully after quite some time their future generations must have returned to the earth surface when there was no danger there for them and must have started the rebuilding and reconstruction activities.

A snippet from the year 2368

28 years had passed since the holocaust and things stabilised in UG colonies where people were working and were also trying to increase their radioactive tolerance levels through the standard medical prescriptions as given to them by the colony doctors and specialists. Below is a sample excerpt from the talks between two employees working in the electrical department:

“I am hoping to move up to level 9 by this year-end”, James117543207 was happy while mentioning it to Rashid283100543.

James117543207 and Rashid283100543 were working together in the level 10 electrical maintenance group for about a year and were quite friendly by now and sharing their personal matters with each other. Presently they were assigned duties in level 10. Their families were in level 12 and they were neighbours living in pocket 534. James117543207 was earlier tested suitable to work and live only on or below level 10 while his family members qualified for level 9. James117543207 was hoping for promotion by the year-end and might get shifted to level 9 in this (UG8362) or any other UG colony. His last medical test was indicating in that direction and the medical officer told him that maybe by the next 6 months he can expect his tolerance level to rise to the desired levels suitable to live in level 9.

Rashid283100543 was happy to hear that and told James117543207 that he should visit him whenever he gets time. Rashid283100543 had to remain on level 10 or below it for at least a further period of 2-3 years as his medical reports indicated.


© 2021 Umesh Chandra Bhatt

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