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Two Sweet Kids Flash Fiction

I like to delve into different genres. This is my first fiction story about children.



Precocious Children

Christmas in New York was always a special time for Tabitha and Jacob Morris. The two little fraternal twins born in Brooklyn , would travel with their parents and grandparents every year to Manhattan in order to eat and feast their eyes on the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center and all the toys displayed in the Macy’s store window.

The two twins enjoyed the ice skating too, and the cold winter bundles of their coats, scarfs, hats, and mittens as they drunk sweet hot chocolate and ate chicken and Mac and cheese. The kids also got a chance to play with their friends on the ice, and when they returned home they had so many stories to tell.

True Season Greetings

The Christmas season this year would be exciting because this time Tabitha and Jacob would find out the real meaning of Christmas. At age eight, the twins would attend church every Sunday, but never paid close attention to their Bible and the lessons in it. Although they enjoyed being with friends at church, they never wanted to participate in the church programs.

Scary Occasion

Until one day a friend of the twins, Micah, got really sick. The kids had been playing in the snow all day when Micah started coughing and sweating and blowing his nose. Micah also got dizzy and was about to faint. The children ran inside to get Micah's mother and she said she had to take Micah to the hospital.

New Leaf

The twins called their mom to pick them up and they went home. But the twins were both scared and kept asking their mother questions.

Their mother let them know that in life sometimes those closed to us would get sick, but we never give up on our friends getting better and we always pray to God to heal their bodies.

Although the twins went to church, every Sunday they never prayed to God or asked Jesus to be their Savior. They tried to be good all the time and thought that was enough.

But after the twins saw their friend get sick, the trauma hurt them and they both decided to pray to God by themselves and then with each other.

Their mom and dad sat with the two children and read the Gospels in the New Testament of the Bible to them and they discussed verse by verse the miracles and teachings of Jesus.

Life Changes

After the home Bible study on the Friday evening , the children went to get ready for supper and then later on for bed. The next day would change their lives forever went they went to the hospital to visit their best friend Micah.

© 2022 Alexis Kenyatta Ellis

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