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Two Sentence Nightmares (Short Stories to Stay Awake By)

John loves to read, especially crime, fantasy, psychological thrillers, and sci-fi novels. He also writes poetry and short fiction.

Creepy girls hovering, unsupported against the wall

Creepy girls hovering, unsupported against the wall


About This Hub

This hub is a collection of short, two sentence horror stories. It is a compilation of a few stories I read previously and found quite scary (changing only slightly) and stories I have written especially for this hub (about 50/50). I have tried to include creepy images to help add to the spooky atmosphere.

Knock, knock, knocking!

I woke up to the sound of knocking on the glass. At first I thought it was the window, until I heard it again, coming from the mirror.


It's Me Calling.

I answered my ringing cell phone to hear a familiar voice crying, "Help me, help me!" and then hang up. I stared in shock at the caller ID of my name and number, and realized the voice had been my own.


Who's Sleeping in My Bed?

I started tucking him into bed and he asks meekly,"Daddy, please check for monsters under my bed." I look underneath to put him at ease and see him, another him, staring back at me shaking and whispering, "Daddy, there's somebody on my bed!"


The Silent Scream.

She opened her mouth to scream but no sound escaped. The huge spider exited slowly from between her quivering lips and crawled across her chest.


Not So Pleasant Dreams

I was in the middle of a pleasant dream when the sound of hammering woke me. After that I could barely hear the muffled sound of dirt being shovelled onto the coffin over my own screams.


Blow Out the Candles

"Happy Birthday to you.." the crowd began to sing as Nathan smiled and bent to blow out the candles. His wish was interrupted as an explosion levelled the office building and everyone with it.


Please Don't Cry

My daughter won't stop crying and screaming in the middle of the night. I visit her grave and ask her to stop, but it doesn't help.


The Doll

Her abuser gasped in pain as a massive heart attack racked his body. Amy removed the hat pin from the chest of the small rag doll and preceded to insert it between the eyes.


Shut That Door!

I woke up to notice my bedroom door ajar again. In all the years that I've lived alone in this house, I swear to God I've closed more doors than I've opened.


Cat's Eyes

I thought my cat had a staring problem - his eyes always seemed fixated on my face. Then one day I realised that he was looking at something else - just behind me.


Catch of the Day

Within minutes of Tom cutting the outboard motor and throwing in his line, something huge hit the hook. The empty upturned hull of the dinghy was found two days later - no sign of life - just a greasy slick covering the surface of the lake.



The last thing I saw was my alarm clock flashing 11.08pm before her long chiselled nails pierced my chest, and her fangs sank deep into my throat. I sat bolt upright, relieved it was only a dream, but as I saw my alarm clock read 11.07 I heard the closet door creak open.



John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on November 14, 2019:

Thank you, Tiyasha. If they gave you goosebumps these stories were just creepy enough. I appreciate you stopping to read this collection.

Tiyasha Maitra from Gurgaon on November 14, 2019:

Ooooh! An amazingly creepy collection. Loved it. The pics and the catchy stories gave me goosebumps. Very nicely written John.

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on July 02, 2019:

Thank you for that kind comment, Melissa, and for following me. You are right that these could be expanded upon. I am glad to know these short stories have an impact even without the images.

A Blue Green Galaxy on July 01, 2019:

Wow, this is a challenge I'll have to try. I'm blind, so couldn't see the images, but the contents was great! They sound like they could have more to them, as flash fiction does. The last one certainly does.

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on June 22, 2019:

Haha Emmyboy, thanks for being brave enough to read these stories. Sorry to scare you, or not lol.

Emmyboy from Nigeria on June 22, 2019:

I wasn't scared.

You can't scare me!


That's a lie.

Some of those pictures were really really scary.

But I enjoyed it all, all the same.

Thanks for sharing.

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on December 25, 2018:

Thank you gyanendra. Glad you enjoyed these .

gyanendra mocktan from Kathmandu,Nepal on December 25, 2018:

The reason I read and follow you is this: We all have our inner feeling about scary events our lives, but can not convert them into words to share with the rest of the world. It's a joy to read through your words and reach to a point where you wanted others to. Thank you

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on September 29, 2018:

Hey Li-Jen. Yes, I think this is the first hub of mine that you have read that was this type of genre. Glad you found them scary and that the endings are a surprise.

Li-Jen Hew on September 29, 2018:

Hey Jodah. Impressive scary stories and the first I heard from you. They are scary and unexpected endings. Like the thrill. Thanks for sharing.

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on September 29, 2018:

Hi Kim, fancy seeing you here. Always a pleasant surprise :) I am glad you enjoyed these, all be it, chillingly. Hugs.

ocfireflies from North Carolina on September 29, 2018:

Artistically compelling. Mysteriously chilling. Too hard to choose a favorite. Nicely presented my friend.

smiles and chill bumps,


Shannon Henry from Texas on September 29, 2018:

She's 11. I should introduce her to a couple of authors Intrastate her age that wrote thrillers and horror stories for a younger audience.

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on September 28, 2018:

Ok, that's probably a good move. How old is she?

Shannon Henry from Texas on September 28, 2018:

I will show her your hub here, but I think that movie is not in her near future.

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on September 28, 2018:

Cool, Shannon. Let me know what your daughter thinks. I remember the Exorcist freaking me out when I first saw it.

Shannon Henry from Texas on September 28, 2018:

Just in time for Halloween. It showed up in my feed after MzB commented. My daughter would love these. She asked me earlier if she could watch The Exorcist.

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on September 28, 2018:

Hey MizB, thanks for finding this hub, better late than never they say :) Actually, this one has had a spike of views recently, maybe with Halloween approaching. Glad you found these stories creepy and gross lol. Take care.

Doris James MizBejabbers from Beautiful South on September 28, 2018:

John, how in the world did I miss this before? You have an imaginative muse to come up with this idea. Some were creepy and some were gross, but I really enjoyed your imagination on these. Keep at it, my friend.

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on July 29, 2018:

Thanks, Finn. Yes, it is amazing how few words are really needed to instil a sense of fear.

Fin from Barstow on July 29, 2018:

Wow....some great pieces. It's amazing what you can do with a couple of sentences.


John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on May 18, 2018:

Thank you, Gilbert. I am glad you enjoyed the presentation of these short horror stories. Much appreciated.

Gilbert Arevalo from Hacienda Heights, California on May 18, 2018:

I loved the presentation, John. I thought you organized a fresh and inspiring method of playing around with horror story ideas.

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on December 27, 2017:

Thank you for reading this Jake. Glad it was scary enough.

Jake Clawson from Kazakhstan on December 25, 2017:

Great one, sir. I was looking for something scary. Nightmarish imagery inspires me when working on my writing. Genuinely scary stuff. Well done.

GalaxyRat on May 31, 2017:

Awesome, thanks for referring me to these. I had read some, but some were new. Thanks John.

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on April 22, 2017:

Thank you for reading and enjoying, John.

johnmariow on April 22, 2017:

I enjoyed reading all of these two sentence nightmares.

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on April 21, 2017:

Thank you for reading these little spooky stories, Katleigh, and for taking the time to comment. I appreciate you pointing out the ones you enjoyed most. Have a great weekend.

Dani Merrier from United States on April 21, 2017:

It's amazing how much life these simple, two sentence stories have. This was a nice collection and a quick read. I enjoyed it, spooky stuff. My favorite was about the daughter and her grave, and the one about being buried alive. Thanks for posting!

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on March 04, 2016:

Hi Robert, thanks for reading. I did think about expanding a couple at one stage, but sort of forgot about it. Thank you for the reminder. I could probably make them similar to my flash fiction.."Dead Birds Everywhere." You may like to check it out. Cheers.

Robert Sacchi on March 04, 2016:

Did you ever consider, or have you already, making any of them into regular sized short stories?

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on October 14, 2015:

Thank you for reading and getting creeped out Truthfornow,

Marie Hurt from New Orleans, LA on October 14, 2015:

Impressive two sentence stories. Very creepy.

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on October 13, 2015:

Thanks Audrey, glad it all worked. Your comment is much appreciated.

Audrey Howitt from California on October 13, 2015:

Loved, loved these John! Loved the concept and the execution

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on October 12, 2015:

Hi Kalinin, that is the exact effect I was hoping for. Yes I agree that "horror" does seem the perfect vehicle for flash fiction. For a more conventional length flash fiction horror story you may like to read my hub "Dead Bird Everywhere." Thanks for your comment.

Lana Adler from California on October 12, 2015:

Wow. I love flash fiction, and horror seems to be a perfect medium for it. Truly unsettling scenarios that make me want to turn all the lights on and crawl under the covers!

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on October 07, 2015:

Certainly is Suj, just before bed :)

sujaya venkatesh on October 07, 2015:

a night read Jo

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on October 06, 2015:

Thank you for reading these short stories Rozina. I am glad you found them "creepy and scary", as I thought they would be appropriate to highlight with Halloween approaching. The boy under the bed one is one of my favourites too.

Rozina Iftikhar from Islamabad on October 06, 2015:

Creepy n scary in just two sentences...that's brilliantly awesome!

the most creepiest of them all was of the boy under the bed... It really sent a cold chill through my spine...Goosebumpish!!!

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on October 05, 2015:

Hey Surabhi, yes I guess this is a good spooky one for Halloween. Thanks for sharing. I hope your cousin enjoys thee stories.

Surabhi Kaura on October 05, 2015:

That was spooky, especially '11:08' one. I will share this for Halloween to my cousin!

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on July 21, 2015:

Thanks for the visit and kind words Stephanie. Glad you found these stories creepy.

Stephanie from Canada on July 21, 2015:

These are fantastic! There's a lot of super creepy ideas here.

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on July 17, 2015:

Thank you Jo..glad you found these "exciting and bone chilling". I haven't actually seen any horror movies lately, maybe I need to :)

Jo_Goldsmith11 on July 17, 2015:

wow Jodah!

What scary movie did you watch? Just curious to ask, because all of these short snip its of horror really are darn good openers for some

exciting and bone chilling reading. :-)) I am not much into horror movies. But I like the opening of every one you wrote.

Shared and Up for Awesome ideas and interesting concepts! :-))

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on July 09, 2015:

Thanks for reading Lisa. Glad these stories ticked all the boxes for you. Much appreciated.

Lisa VanVorst from New Jersey on July 09, 2015:

Awesome, creepy, scary, kept my attention. Liked the video story and the pictures were sinister and scary. Great Hub!

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on July 09, 2015:

Thanks Moonlake....one word...ARACHNOPHOBIA!

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on July 09, 2015:

Hi Cyndi10, that one is creepy becaue it is so realistic...could really be happening. Thanks for reading.

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on July 09, 2015:

Thanks for reading hyron. Yes that is my favourite I think too,

moonlake from America on July 09, 2015:

CREEPY......hate the thought of that spider in the mouth. Voted up and shared.

Cynthia B Turner from Georgia on July 09, 2015:

These were very entertaining. I especially liked Shut that Door! Maybe this happens more often than any of us would like to admit. No, of course not...

Great fun to read. Sharing.

Shyron E Shenko from Texas on July 09, 2015:

John these are fantastic, these are spooky especially the son under the bed.

Voted up all the way and shared.

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on July 08, 2015:

Oops Cris, bad timing reading this at midnight :) glad you do like a creepy story though. Thanks for the vote up.

CrisSp from Sky Is The Limit Adventure on July 08, 2015:

Jodah, it's almost midnight here! Why am I reading this? :)

Did someone say creatively creepy already?

Well, I like creepy stories actually. So, you have my vote plus of course, I have to share this.

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on July 02, 2015:

Thanks for reading Missy. Glad you enjoyed these creepy little tales.

Missy Smith from Florida on July 01, 2015:

Those little tales were very dark and creepy. I have to admit, I like dark things. Not too dark, but enough to make them a mystery. Enjoyed this hub. :)

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on June 28, 2015:

Thanks for reading these little horror stories Genna. I found some of those images freaky too.

Genna East from Massachusetts, USA on June 28, 2015:

Oh my, those photos gave me the willies. And your two-sentence stories...wow! Creatively chilling.

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on June 22, 2015:

Thank for reading Lawrence, glad you enjoyed these. Yes I had read about the origin of the "saved by the bell" saying, but thank for sharing.

Lawrence Hebb from Hamilton, New Zealand on June 21, 2015:

Really enjoyed these John. By the 'saved by the bell' originates from times when burying a person they'd put a chord in that was attached to a bell at the graveside, if someone woke up in the coffin then they pulled the chord and hopefully would be dug up!


John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on June 19, 2015:

So glad that you enjoyed these Deb. if I know something works and is popular how can I not want to write more :)?

Deb Hirt from Stillwater, OK on June 18, 2015:

I loved those stories, and I am giving you a reason to do more.

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on June 18, 2015:

Being bitten in your sleep by a spider would certainly make you very wary of them Mary. I remember the hub where you wrote about your dog Baby being bitten. A friend of mine was recently bitten on the face by a spider while she slept too..she had like an ulcer on her face that kept getting bigger until she was given antibiotics. Thanks for your kind comment and vote up.

Mary Hyatt on June 18, 2015:

I've had a terrible time this AM trying to post a comment!

Each one of these stories would make a good full length short story on it's own. I enjoyed each one.

The spider one scared me the most; I was bitten in my sleep (so was my dog) by a Wolf spider. Now, I shake the sheets very hard.

Voted UP, etc.

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on June 15, 2015:

haha blondey, well that' good then...a little scary's not so bad if you live alone. Cheers.

Blondey on June 15, 2015:

I didn't say it didn't scare me at all, I said it didn't terrify me. Which is good because I live alone. And that would not be good.

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on June 15, 2015:

Yep Faith, we have lots of nice little, and not so little spiders. Only a couple are really deadly. The funnel web is the worst.Blessings, enjoy your day at work.

Faith Reaper from southern USA on June 14, 2015:

Still Sunday for about three more minutes lol. Thanks for the added interesting info. I could never relax and enjoy the beautiful beaches if a croc could come out of the ocean, especially able to run fast, and eat me! Well, I guess these comments can add to the nightmare theme here : ) I read y'all have the tiniest deadliest spider too? At this rate of me hounding you for answers, yes, might as well do a hub LOL. Well, I better get to bed for have to rise again for the Monday workday. Blessings

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on June 14, 2015:

Thank you for reading these hort stories Vellur, glad you found them creepy.

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on June 14, 2015:

Thanks for revisiting Faith(Theresa). It's fine to discuss it on this hub. Haha about the sharks. Salt water crocodiles are quite scary creatures (Fresh water crocs are smaller, much more timid and rarely attack people), and in fact the term "salt water" is a little deceptive as they also make there way up rivers and streams and can happily inhabit fresh water as well. I think the python would have been eating a fresh water croc. Crocodiles certainly can move up onto the beach and riverbanks and do so to nest an lay eggs and (being cold blooded) to sun themselves during the day. They can run very fast on land and are just as dangerous there as they are in the water, especially if stumbled across accidentally. Most rivers and beaches in Northern Australia are unsafe to swim in due to either crocodiles or box jellyfish at certain times of year. I think you are right and I have to write a hub about our dangerous creatures.

Nithya Venkat from Dubai on June 14, 2015:

Awesome! Scary and creepy! Great write and voted up.

Faith Reaper from southern USA on June 14, 2015:

Hi John, It is now almost two hours since you had written your response to me and it is now 7:45 pm here on Sunday. Oh me, I meant salt water crocodiles NOT sharks LOL...sorry about that! One is scary enough but that would certainly be terrifying. I thought about you when I opened my laptop and there was that photo on my Internet page news with a huge crocodile inside the belly of a python Yikes! I wanted to tell you so I just came back to your most recent hub but guess I should have emailed you. I understand about not wanting to scare off tourists but it still would make an interesting hub as Australia does have the most deadly real life critters it seems or if not maybe research it compared to other countries. When my husband was small and his dad was a contractor with tv network, they visited a beautiful beach in Australia and were warned about the salt water crocs coming onto the beach. Have a lovely and safe Monday : ) ...I am glad it is still Sunday here.

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on June 14, 2015:

Thanks for reading this Flourish, glad you found these tales spooky. :)

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on June 14, 2015:

Hi Faith, good to see you again. It is now three hours after you wrote,your comment and it is 8.30am on a fine Monday morning. I have thought about writing a hub on our dangerous creatures but I don't want to scare anyone away from wanting to visit Australia. I have written the hub about legendary creatures of Australian folklore, but I may take your suggestion and write one about our"real life scary critters". I have never heard about sharks that can walk on the beach...so if they exist it isn't here in Australia. I have heard about one jumping out of the water onto the beach once but that's not common. But yes, there have been a few instances of pythons eating small crocodiles. Thanks for reading this hub. Blessings.

FlourishAnyway from USA on June 14, 2015:

Awesome tales and spooky, too, especially if you live alone.

Faith Reaper from southern USA on June 14, 2015:

Hi Dear John,

I hope you are enjoying a peaceful day on this lovely Sunday afternoon, well, here it is afternoon. I stopped by as I saw on the Internet of that Python that swallowed an alligator there in Australia!!! Now, that is a nightmare and then some to just see.

Have you ever written a hub on Australia's most dangerous and deadly creature, i.e., spiders, snakes and the like. I am not sure it is true, but I believe I read that Australia does have the most deadly and dangerous of all these animals, insects, etc. and I think that would make a great hub.

I have wondered if it is true too about the sharks that can walk on the beach! I can't imagine trying to relax on a beach when I know that a shark may want to share my beach towel LOL ...well, it wouldn't be such a funny scenario.

God bless you and yours always

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on June 12, 2015:

Hi Mike, thanks or reading. Yes, these could make good full length stories but I don't know if I could maintain the suspense or have the same impact if I tried.

mckbirdbks from Emerald Wells, Just off the crossroads,Texas on June 12, 2015:

Hello John - There were some marvelous stories here in your two sentence episodes. Each one of these contain the grizzle for a full length short story.

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on June 11, 2015:

Thank you Cam. It's amazing what can be intimated in just two sentences and it suits horror/suspense. It may be difficult to do for other genres though. I agree with the line in "Shut That Door!"

Chris Mills from Traverse City, MI on June 11, 2015:

John, I remember "Who's Sleeping in my Bed" from another of your hubs. That one is excellent. "Please Don't Cry" is truly creepy. "Shut That Door" has the best line of all your stories. " I swear to God I've closed more doors than I've opened." So much is said in those few words. Well done, John.

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on June 11, 2015:

Hello Kim, good to see you as always. Thank you for reading and finding these little stories spooky. Blessings back at you.

ocfireflies from North Carolina on June 11, 2015:


What a super cool and super spooky hub! Very much enjoyed and in awe at your ability to do so much with just two sentences. Voted up as always.



John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on June 11, 2015:

I'll take that as a compliment then Clive :) Thanks

Clive Williams from Jamaica on June 11, 2015:

creepy....verrrrryyyyyy creeeeepy

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on June 11, 2015:

Thanks for the great comment Maj. I have only just discovered this genre recently too and thought I'd give it a try.

travmaj from australia on June 11, 2015:

I'm most impressed - two sentences can say so much and your two sentences say heaps. They fuel the imagination. I was intrigued by them all, especially knock knock and 11 08.

This is an interesting genre I know little about. Good stuff though.

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on June 11, 2015:

Thanks Blondey. With all the horrors happening in our world everyday it is hard to really scare anyone anymore.

Blondey on June 11, 2015:

I'm glad these didn't frighten me too badly, but I like Faith Reaper loved the mirror one especially. :)

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on June 10, 2015:

Thanks for reading Theresa. You chose a bad time to read these I'm afraid....oh well. Yes I knew about the spider fact and swallowing them in your sleep....scary to think about. I will have to go back through these pics and find out the original sources on all of them if I can..thanks for that. Glad you enjoyed these two sentence tales....sleep well :)

Faith Reaper from southern USA on June 10, 2015:

Oh, my! Of course I would make it over here to your side of HP Town right before I am reading to go off to bed ... for not so sweet dreams NOW.

That knocking, knocking, knocking one with the mirror really creeps me out as does the spider coming out of he woman's mouth.

Here's a creepy true fact for you ...did you know that every person will swallow at least 8 spiders during their sleep in their lifetime! I have always had a fear of that and try to sleep with my mouth closed LOL.

Thanks for the early Halloween fright hub. The imagery you have chosen here is truly horrific, but did you know that images from pinterest are not considered legal. I did not realize it either until just recently and had to go back and replace some, then the hubs points went up after I did so. Just an fyi.

The two-liner stories are awesome, and you have proven a tale can be told quite well using less words.

Blessings for a great day ahead, as I think it is daytime over where you are now?

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on June 10, 2015:

Thanks for the compliment Eric....."sick and twisted" haha....glad I managed to scare you in two lines, guess there is no reason for me to write a long horror story then. :) Take care.

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on June 10, 2015:

Hi Max, I know this genre doesn't appeal to everyone, but thanks for taking the time to read and comment anyway. Cheers.

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on June 10, 2015:

Wow! drbj, "Lord of the Creepies"...has a ring to it, a bit like "Lord of the Flies" :) Now that you mention it, I think that pic is of Nathan Fillion from Castle and Firefly (one of my faves too)....aw, sorry to blow him up. Thanks for the great comment and vote up.

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on June 10, 2015:

Hi manatita, thanks for your generous comment. Glad you found the beauty in these horror stories.

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on June 10, 2015:

MsDora, glad these stories managed to entertain, and maybe frighten you a little :) Thanks.

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on June 10, 2015:

You are right Larry...horror is the perfect genre for short short stories like this...thanks for the kind comment.

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