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Two Lonely Souls on a Path of Memories

Short stories are at the heart of why Phyllis loves to write. Her father left her a legacy of the art of storytelling.

Park Above the sea

Once they were two lonely souls who found each other strolling along in the park above the sea where Laura now sat alone. Lyrics to their favorite song, Twelfth of Never, played softly on her tape player. When Laura closed her eyes a vision of his face looked down at her as they danced. "Some day, my darling, we will dance together again in divine bliss," Laura whispered.

Tears sparkled on her cheeks as Laura sat on the bench high on a cliff overlooking the ocean. She missed Kevin so much and tears flowed when she least expected them. The scent of pine trees which Kevin had loved lay heavy in the air and far off cries of a lone seagull blended with Laura's emotions. The long, sad cries sounded like the seagull was calling for her mate. How well Laura knew that cry and felt it deep in her heart and soul on this three year anniversary since Kevin's death. It was also Laura's birthday.

Earlier in the day Melody, Kevin's daughter from a previous marriage, had arrived at the house to remind Laura about their breakfast date. Laura did not feel up to celebrating her birtday, but Melody insisted they keep the tradition they began several years ago when Melody was just a young teen. Melody brought gifts and, as always, a cheerful mood into the house.

After a well enjoyed breakfast they drove to the park and sat on the bench where Laura once sat with Kevin every Sunday. After a long chat they hugged and Melody had to leave. She knew Laura would want to stay at the bench for awhile, yet still offered to drive her home. It was just a short path to the end of the park and then a block home. "The day is too lovely to not enjoy it with a good walk," Laura insisted.

Memories Linger

Now alone on the bench with her memories a gentle little smile graced Laura's face. She listened to the song and remembered how Kevin led her around the dance floor with expert moves. He was such a great dancer and made her feel so elegant. She always wore long gowns with a soft full skirt which flowed smoothly with each turn Kevin made. So deep in her reverie Laura did not notice the man standing at the end of her bench until he spoke and it startled her.

"I am sorry, Mrs. Lockwood. I did not mean to startle you. You are Mrs. Lockwood, yes?"

"Yes, I am," Laura was puzzled then she began to recognize him. "You are ..., I'm sorry, I can't remember your name. It has been so long. You and your wife used to
attend the Club and you sat with my husband and I a few times. Dorothy," Laura snapped her fingers. "I remember her name. Such a lovely lady."

"Yes, Dorothy was a lovely lady, thank you. She passed away four years ago and I still miss her," he looked out to the sea. "We used to come here when she could walk, then she was in a car accident and lost the use of her legs. Aww! That was so many years ago. Forgive me! I am Karl Sorensen and it is a pleasure to see you again, Mrs. Lockwood. Dorothy and I loved to watch you and your husband dance. You were elegant, like ballroom dancers."

"Please, call me Laura. Thank you for the compliment. Kevin and I took lessons in ballroom dancing and even competed in annual competitions. And it is wonderful to see you again, Karl. It brings back so many lovely memories which is where I was, memory lane, when you approached the bench. Here!" she patted the bench and moved over a little. "Sit down and chat with me. Today is my birthday and the three year anniversary of Kevin's death. It is hard for me to get through this day without feeling lonely. I am so sorry to hear about Dorothy."

Bond of Friendship

Karl sat down and they had a wonderful conversation. He got up after about an hour, walked over to the concession stand and brought back two hot dogs and sodas. They both enjoyed the afternoon so much and a warm bond of friendship grew with laughter and tears over memories. They talked so long that dusk came on before they knew it.

"Oh, dear! I did'nt realize it is so late, Karl. I have to walk home. It's just a few blocks, but getting dark," Laura gathered up her things and Karl stood up.

"Oh! I'll drive you home, Laura. I live too far away to walk here," Karl picked up her shawl and put it over her shoulders.

As they walked to the car Karl asked if he could take her to dinner for her birthday. Laura was pleased and accepted his invitation.

"Laura, it seems so right that we two lonely souls meet for support and friendship on this path of memories," he looked so hopeful Laura's heart went out to him and
she reached for his hand.

© 2019 Phyllis Doyle Burns

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