Two Hours to Go (Flash Fan Fiction) (The Purge)

Updated on June 21, 2018
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Mike is a delivery driver and extremely amateur writer living in Lakemore Ohio south of Akron, Ohio.

Packing light

It was 5:15 and the street was quiet. The smell of the fires filled the air as the sun rose in the east. David checked his gear tossing anything he wouldn’t need to survive the next two hours. No rations, or distractions just guns, a knife and all the ammo he had left. It all fit into a small pack he had rolled up and tied to the bigger pack. He wanted to try and find his way back to where his car was just before all this started. He had parked in a supposedly save lot that was guarded by a company that offered protection for cars, just not people. The gun would pay for the parking. A full-auto AK-74 with a custom mounted laser and flashlight are both valuable and rare. He ducked down an alley in a crouch keeping low with his rifle in front of him hugging the wall going behind trash bins.


He came to an open street with little cover. As he started out behind a trash bin, a car went by. It was a large old Cadillac convertible filled with people in masks and the heads of people attached to the hood. The people in the back were firing wildly into the surrounding buildings. Behind the car were the bodies of four people. The car swerved to the right to miss a car on fire, and one of the bodies got snagged so when the car pulled away it came free with the cuffs that were holding it in place flying forward and striking one of the people in the back. The car hit the corner and sped up. In the street, the body moved. David said, “Oh my god it’s still alive.”

The Body

It was the best way to describe what he saw. The body was all cuts and road rash with very little to tell if it was male or female. The body moved and said, “help me.” David looked around and saw a tarp near a trashcan. He went over and brought it back. Laying it out he carefully rolled the body trying not to do any more harm than was already done. From what David could tell the body was a woman or just maybe a young girl. She had no tattoos or visible markings, but that was hard to tell with all the blood. Her hands were broken with the thumb on her left hand nearly gone. While he moved her, she shivered, but she didn’t make a sound. Off in the distance, he heard the car turning around. As gently as possible he picked her up and carried her into another alley. She was very light, and David wondered just how old she was. The new alley ended up being a dead end, but it also bottlenecked making it a defensible position if they didn’t have explosives or a flamethrower. David took out his last bottle of water and a small bottle of vodka he was saving and tried to clean her wounds. Where he could, he splinted, and duct taped her broken limbs. After doing what he could, David went and did his best to close off the opening to the bottleneck in the alley.

Stand Off

David sat next to the girl and asked, “can you tell me your name?” Her left eye opened and she looked at him, but she didn’t say a word. David said, “I don’t have any other supplies. I used the last of my water and vodka on your wounds. The purge will end soon, and then I can get you some help.” David opened his smaller pack and went for a frankensteined AR-15 with a short barrel, red dot sight, and adjustable stock. All the parts from the lower receiver to the stock were a different color. He switched to burst fire and went to the bottleneck to see what was happening on the street. The car had returned and was slowly going down the road with four people walking along the side and one person standing in the back with a Barret rifle. At every door and every opening, they either sent someone in or just fired. He figured it would take them about ten minutes to make it to their alley, but he had no way to move her.

Slender man Lives

David checked the time. It was 5:47 with just another hour and thirteen minutes to go, but David also knew that time was relative, and many people died in the hour after the purge ended. About four minutes later and three people came down the alley. They all had the same latex masks on and were well-armed. The mask had eyes but no mouth. David could remember an old story about someone called Slender man. None of them had their rifles ready which was a mistake. David waited for them to close in which would take time away from their ability to return fire. When they came on the other side of the barricade, he opened fire cutting all three down before they could even react. David moved over and disarmed the bodies just in case. He searched them for weapons and other useful gear. One of them had a wallet on him. David opened it and saw it belonged to Marcus. The wallet had a picture of his wife and family.

Raining Men

A round bounced off a wall above David, as the others opened fire down the alley. They shot wild hoping to find a target. Using his planned out firing positions, David aimed and shot two more before they backed away. Someone yelled, “we don’t want you. We want the girl. Give her to us, and we will forget about you.” As the man yelled, two of the people from the car went in different directions. David looked up and realized he was about to be taken from the roof. They would go up and just shoot down. Four minutes later and the first of the two came crashing down with his throat slit. The second fell a minute later. A voice on the roof said, “it’s time to move on honkies.” The final two from the car collided as they jumped in and sped off. A moment later, David heard a large car crashing. A voice from the roof said, “don’t shoot.”

Will David make it to the end?

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