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Twisted Mind

Being a day dreaming, I keep thing of unique things. Some of them are related to how my life should be, some are related to my stories.

Sam meets Tom in a cafeteria. They both sat in front of each other during lunch hours. Sam works as an accountant in a nearby legal company, while Tom is an entrepreneur. Tom came to this restaurant to meet a potential client for his upcoming startup.

Sam: “Excuse me! Is this seat taken? May I sit here”

Seeing that all the chairs in the cafeteria is taken, and two chairs in front of him is empty. Tom allowed him to sit, as the crowd was gonna lessen anyways

Tom: “Yes certainly sir. You can sit”.

“Thank you. Too much crowd today” said Sam with a smirk.

Tom simply smiled.

While having the lunch Sam asked Tom about where does he work?

Tony said that he is an entrepreneur, and has launched many products in the market. His new product is ready. He came here to meet a potential client for his product.

Sam was in awe. He showed interest in knowing more about Tom’s product. Knowing that Sam is just a white collar worker, he started telling Sam about his product while Sam listened carefully. There was slight snob in Tom’s accent.

After Sam finished his lunch, he excused himself. Coincidently, Tom’s potential client showed up. Sam returned to his office. Tom started discussing with the client.

Few days later

There is a bell at Tom’s flat. As soon as he opens the door, something hit his head and he fell down.

When Tom gains conscious, he is tied with a rope to a chair. He tries to free himself but in vain.

“Sorry if I hit you hard. I just wanted to make you unconscious” Tom hears a known yet unknown voice. He feels a hand on his shoulder, then he feels someone is coming in front of him. Tom is still trying to figure out at what happened to him. The person who hits him is now in front of him. Tom tries to remember that person. He is sure that he has seen that person but where?

“Remember me my friend?” said the guy with a delightful smirk whom Tom still trying to figure.

“No?” now the person’s voice has frown in it.

Tom now remembers that the person is Sam whom he met days ago in the cafeteria.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” said Tom in anger. “Do you even know who I am?” “Untie me or it will be worst for you”.

Sam: “Do you really think that I will untie you even after all this?”

Tom: (yells) “Untie me you bastard”

Sam: (comes towards Tom and punches him on his face with full force) “I will appreciate if you respect me.” (smiles)

Tom spits blood out of his mouth: “Let me go. For God sake. Why are you even doing this to me?”

“You will soon know.” there was a sinister smile on Sam’s face while wiping off the blood from Tom’s face.

Tom sighs out hopelessly.

“Sandwich?” “No?” Sam asks Tom before proceeding to the kitchen.

Sam comes back from the kitchen with sandwich in his hands.

“You guys think that you own the world, and right now you are dependent on my mercy begging me to let you go” said Sam while biting the sandwich slice. He puts the slice on the table, pulls out the knife from the fruit basket and approaches Tom.

“People like you make fun of less privileged people”. “Just because of you, people like us suffer”. Sam says this before slashing and stabbing Tom’s right arm. Tom yells in pain before falling unconscious again.

“Wakey wakey” Tom feels hot drops on water on his face. Upon gaining conscious, he sees Sam sitting in front of him sipping the coffee. Tom realizes that Sam sprinkled hot coffee on his face to wake him up. “You are making it hard for me my friend. Don't be so weak by falling unconscious again and again. Be a man.”

Suddenly Tom’s mobile phone which is on the table rings. The display shows “Lisa” name on the phone screen. Sam rejects the call with auto reply as “I am busy. Will call back soon”. “Aaah! Your girlfriend? You people are so lucky I admit. God always favours you guys with money and love.” “Did you tell her that you are going to die today?” There was a smirk on Sam’s face with no remorse. Sam stabs Tom on the stomach. He didn't pull out the knife. Tom yells in pain. “Sshh Sshh. Don't yell” Tom is about to faint. “Don't faint again. Please” Sam pours hot coffee on Tom’s face. Tom yells in agony. “Oh shit. Sorry sorry. My apologies. Forgive me. This was unintentional” Sam wipes the coffee from his face. “I didn't want to hurt you. But I guess you deserve it. I didn't like your snobbish attitude. You think that you are important in this world? You are not. You will see it after you are dead”. Tom begins to cry. “I am equally smart as you are. Maybe more. But Alas! God wasn't in my favour. I never got the love and respect I deserve. I never got the support which I wanted to achieve my dreams. You got everything. Sadly you started degrading others as well. Not good my friend. Not good”. Sam twists the knife which is already in Tom’s stomach.

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