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Trust Your Light

Light inside you

Light inside you


You feel trapped inside a black alley, with no other way out than to plunge into the deepest of darkness. You think there's no way you can smile again. And who could dare to blame you? They say that there is no evil that lasts a hundred years, but you feel as if you had spent more than a century in the shadows. Your eyes have already tired of crying so much. You wonder if there is any case to keep walking. After all, you think it makes no difference in the world if a broken heart like yours got lost in the blue. You have shed too many tears in the deepest darkness. No one has witnessed the pain that you carry inside. Is this the end of everything?

No darkness is eternal

No darkness is eternal


Tears slowly wet your old pillow. It is not the first time that this has happened. Your heart has become accustomed to the rough caress of loneliness. Will it always be like this? Will you ever know the soft embrace of love? You think that even if it is, deep down you don't care much anymore. The only thing that would make you happy at this moment is to put aside this great pain, although for now you imagine that something like this is impossible. You close your eyes and your heart is lost for an instant between the last prayers of the day. Who will cry when you leave? Who will cry for all your silences? Not even the wind dares to answer your burning questions.



You don't feel ready to take that big step that could change your life. And so, you go back to hide in the shadows. You haven't gained anything, but you are afraid of losing yourself. You don't dare look inward for half a second. You are afraid of knowing how big the shadow you have inside could be. You don't want to realize how much fear has corroded you inside. No one can blame you. Very few know how to dance with their own demons. Most tend to waste their existence trying to escape them. But despite feeling numb, your whole body is not dead. There is blood running through your veins. What is that voice you hear in the distance? Why does that sound know your name?

The distance between hopelessness and the brightest light of day is not so great after all. Although your mind refuses to accept it, your heart knows it. And it wants you to realize what is in front of you. Your eyes burn from crying so much, but you can still see the sunlight that slowly seeps through your window. Life is giving you the most beautiful of signs. Can you can see it?

Your heart begins to beat faster and faster. You know the time is coming. You should not be afraid of falling if you want to fly very high. Are you the same person who woke up this morning crying? Or perhaps the light of day has been responsible for opening your eyes? You don't even know the true answer to those questions yourself, but somehow, you feel lighter. A huge weight has been lifted from your shoulders, and without knowing why, a slight smile lights up your face. Even though you doubted it could happen, again you feel alive. You have an opportunity to start again. Do not let the darkness of yesterday separate you from the light of the present. Walk forward and don't look back. Your heart is the only lighthouse capable of guiding you to a safe harbor. Trustit. Believe in yourself.