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Trumpet Flowers


Trumpet flowers, Oh, Trumpet flowers!
How charming thou art!
Blossoming in my garden,
You bring solace to my eyes.

Thou art indeed a trumpet,
Heralding to the world
Thy magnificent presence,
Basking in the glory of the sun,
Radiant and bright,
With thy vibrant orange hues and verdant leaves.

Silent thou art,
Yet you stand apart,
Ignorant of thy splendour,
Together you bloom in clusters,
Hovering all over the walls,
Adding beauty to my garden,
Bringing solace to the eyes.

What beautiful hands that made thyself,
I bow to the Almighty,for this creation,
Every morning you greet one and all,
You bring cheer on their face with thy presence,
Wishing us the " Best Of Luck".

Oh! Thank you,
My lovely flowers,
Thank you,for enhancing the beauty of my house.

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