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“ Candle “




I’ve wandered through the darkness, for so very long, trying to find a light to lead me home,

a wish,

a plea,

for someone to come find me.

Then I see a soft glow, a hint of something different, a direction of where I must go.


A soft distant light disrupts the darkness,

I tread through murky waters and sands that try to drag me down, an unknown path before me, unknown dangers, unknown perils, but I press on, with one desire before me,

that light,

my peace,

my tranquility.


Suddenly a soft drift of a breeze, a touch, a whisper and then I hear her beckoning, guiding.

“ Listen to my voice, let it guide you through all your insecurities, keep it in the forefront of your heart and your soul, let it be your map, your compass home, see the light my heart radiates”


As I walk that road the light gets brighter, ablaze, a beacon, a light that washes the darkness away.

It illuminates the road I walk, radiates within my heart, I anchor myself to it, I will not let go!

My steps are strong, I do not hesitate,

for I see her there,

I feel her there;

she waits for me, her heart shimmers.


As I walk those last few steps, tired from my journey, I see what that light was, I see that her heart was beating for me,

I see that her love was turned to light, I see that she was always there,

loving me,

holding me,

for her luminescence has never diminished,

her love has never faltered,

all I needed to do was open my eyes and see my candle in the window!

Chris Rowe

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