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The True Meaning of Christmas

Avery is a community activist, advocate for various causes, and district leader of the 51st Assembly District of New York.

The Hidden Meaning of Christmas

The Holiday Season is here. The trees are being lit up with bright lights. Stores are being filled with millions of people. Gifts of many quantities are being exchanged to loved ones. And families and friends will come together to celebrate the Holidays together. It is one of the most beautiful and busiest times of the year. And it is also the most important and special time of year.

While these things are occurring on a daily basis during the Holiday Season, it can become a distraction and interfere with what this time of year really is all about and why it is so significant in our lives. Many of us get so consumed in constant media stories, lists of people to get gifts for, and the bright lights and beautiful decorations all around us. Though it's justifiable and normal for us to feel interested in staying up to date on current events and witnessing/ attending Holiday celebrations, it is crucial that we do not forget the true meaning of Christmas.

You may wonder what is the true meaning of Christmas. Is it giving gifts to those that love us? Is it making somebody happy within our very own community? Or maybe it is helping the least fortunate? All of these are very accurate in their overall meaning of the holiday. However, it is notable to point out something significant that helps explain what makes Christmas so exceptional in many different ways. And that is us recognizing and acknowledging the value and inner beauty each one of us contain as a gift to make this world of ours the greatest it can be.

Some may wonder what does that mean and what does it have to do with Christmas and the Holiday Season. Well, Christmas takes place during the end of the year and also during a period where millions take a break from school, work, etc. During such relaxation, it gives us more time to see how much potential and value we all have as individuals. It may not come to us when we are cooking the Christmas Day turkey, reading a good book, or watching a movie with our loved ones. It may not even come to us when we are laying down or sitting down on the sofa feeling bored. But that doesn't mean it isn't always there because it is in all of us to do what is right and just from our glowing hearts filled with love and care.


A Moment for Everyone

Who knew Christmas had a hidden meaning to it? When we really think about it, the true meaning of the holiday is right in front of our own eyes everywhere we go and with everything we do during this time of year. Giving gifts to those we cherish and appreciate, volunteering our time to local charitable organizations, sharing our belongings to those less fortunate than us, and even seeing tons of smiles and kind words and gestures. Those are the gracious and tender traits of good heartened individuals that want nothing less for themselves and everyone else around them.

During an era of political apathy and tension and the need to implement political correctness to avoid potential offensive actions, the true meaning of Christmas should never be forgotten nor abandoned. We can not let political and other petty differences get in the way of showing each other respect, love, and respect. The phrase "Merry Christmas" may get criticized and attacked often, but the actions that resemble what Christmas is all about will never be fractured or destroyed. Actions really do speak louder than words, especially at Christmastime.

Whether you celebrate Christmas or another holiday this time of year, the Holiday Season is truly for every single one of us. A holiday may only be celebrated by a certain sector of the population, but expressing love, respect, and kindness to others in need and those close to us is something that every human being from every walk of life can identify with. There is nothing religious, secular, liberal, or conservative about opening our hearts to our fellow human beings within the community, country, and world as a whole. The value and dignity of the human spirit is why Christmas exists to begin with and why it continues to be the holiday of the year where generosity and kindness flourishes to high levels. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year to every single one of you. And May God Bless all of you.


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