Transparent Girl - A Fictional Short Story

Updated on May 26, 2018

I met her on a hot, summer day. Her long, brown hair tied back. Golden eyes and lips that never strayed from a smile. I found her by a river, skipping stones across. I didn't know how to talk to her, so I just joined her. She would look at me and when I noticed, her eyes darted away as fast as possible. Afterward, her cheeks would turn bright red.

From that day on, I came to that same place daily. Each day she looked the same, wearing that green summer dress and her hair tied back; don't forget that smile. We never talked, just skipped rocks or sat next to each other, watching the river current pass by. As soon as the sun started to go down, I had to go home. I'd say my one-sided goodbye and walk away.

One time, though, I got curious. I looked behind to see if she was still there and I was met with shock. She was still there, but her lips were far from a smile and tears were escaping her eyes. Was it possible that she only smiled because I was there with her?

The last day of summer came fast. I went to the river, as per usual, only to find her sitting on the ground. Her knees were close to her chest, arms wrapped around them. I sat next to her and began to skip rocks. She looked at me; I looked back. Her smile was weary and emptiness filled her eyes. Like she could break at any moment.

I didn't know what to say to her, so I just looked away and went back to skipping rocks. After a while, she joined me. Everything seemed normal again, so I thought nothing of it.

The sun began to set and I had to leave once more. When I tried to leave, something different happened. She grabbed at the back of my shirt. I turned towards her. Tears were running down her face, just like that one night, but this time she was smiling as bright as the sun. I looked back down and saw something that I never thought would happen. She was fading away. Her hands were slowing becoming invisible… As if she were transparent.

"It's okay, don't worry about me." Her voice was sweet and gentle.

I looked back up at her, too shocked to say anything. My eyes began to well up. "Please don't cry over me. I just wanted to say goodbye to you before I'm gone."

She pulled me towards her; hugging me. Her body almost entirely faded by now. "Thank you for everything. For skipping rocks with me. For sitting next to me to just watch the current. For being here right now… I'm glad you're the one I fell in love with. Goodbye."

Just like that, she faded into lights and floated back up to the evening sky.

I fell to the ground. "What had just happened?" I thought to myself. "Is this some type of screwed up nightmare?"

I never even got to say goodbye…

To this day, she still remains in my heart. I miss her dearly, but life still goes on. I still have the memories of the day I met the transparent girl that this world could no longer hold down. Maybe in another life, we could meet again, but until then I just want you to know…

I'm glad I fell in love with you too.

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    © 2018 A Lin Hunter


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