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Translucent to Vibrant


Pale clouds float lazily in a dawning's skylight, all awash with grays,

Translucent in preparation, for a waiting morning's glorious displays.

A special time of every day, surprising gift, in effervescent suspense,

Its sudden explosion of beautiful airs, those patient, for recompense.


Every morning's glow a suspenseful watch, preparations a delight,

As the earth sheds its darkness cloak, to face each sun-up, bright.

All hale the morning's vibrant canopy, marvelous painting to behold,

A magnificent way to start each day, its grandeur, of raptures, bold.


Blessed benevolence every day, gifted by our creator, artist, extraordinaire,

With paint-filled brush, just before, a hush, fills the heavens, bright and fair.

His preparation to give us hope, wonders, celestial treats, to show his care.

Donning his daily scarf, to spread such joys, seen by the world and to share.


Zeus and all of his legions in the skies, does never dare to compare,

Ancients Greeks, their on supposed gods, no creation to be so rare.

The one true maker, our heavenly god, grants us all such a bouquet,

Showering love, sent from above, beautiful flowers to begin each day.



whonunuwho (author) from United States on December 05, 2016:

Thank you Audrey and many blessings. whonu

Audrey Hunt from Idyllwild Ca. on December 04, 2016:

As I've said before - the greatest artist is our creator. Man tries his best, but doesn't quite reach the same level. Thank you my friend.


whonunuwho (author) from United States on December 01, 2016:

Thank you my friend. whonu

Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on December 01, 2016:

Truly inspirational.

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