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Train Lady

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My name is Starly. I am not an experienced writer but would like to share some of my stories.

This is a short horror story. Or a creepypasta as people call it.

Class was over. “An underground train station has been abandoned for about 5 years now. It is said that the place was cursed by a woman who was pushed into the railways and cut got in half by an incoming train”, Gabe says as he and his friends gather around desks to make a circle inside the classroom. “That can't be true.” Janice responded, “they probably just gave up fixing the train after it broke”, she added. An hour has passed, the four gathered their things to prepare to go home. “Let's all meet in front of the station at 8pm.” Says Connor, “I'll bring flashlights!” Matt shouted as he rushes his way out of the classroom. Everyone headed home. As Janice opened their front gate, she heard a strange sound, as if something was gently hitting metal on the ground. She paid no attention to the sound and went in the house. While Gabe was eating dinner, he opened his laptop and searched about some news or articles of why the train station was abandoned or closed down. “I'm pretty sure that story I found was just a hoax, but it'll scare them good.” Gabe thought out loud and chuckled.

It is now 8pm. The four gathered in front of the entrance to the station, the entrance had caution tapes on them. Matt gave flashlights for each of them. “Let's go.” Connor said as he makes a gap through the tapes to duck into. “It's dark in here huh…” said Janice quietly. “They probably cut the power off since the place got closed down.” Matt replied. As they walk around the lobby, they saw some junk strewn about. Old soda cans, paper cups, noodle boxes, candy wrappers and other trash. They checked the ticket area, some computers, seats, and ticket printers were still there. They opened the small access gates where people put their tickets in and went down the escalator, they reached the train area. Some vending machines was still lit up, but is already empty. The other side of the station was completely dark. “I don't like this place.” Janice said as she slightly backs up to the wall near the vending machine. “Relax, nobody’s here. If there is anybody it would probably just be a homeless person using this place as shelter. I mean, look at all these trash.” Gabe explained. The three of them sat on the bench, an old waiting area for those who wait for the train's arrival. Matt went a bit closer to the edge, looking left and right at the railway. He noticed someone laying down on the other side. “Guys, I think there is a homeless lady sleeping on the other side.” The three looked up at him from the bench. Gabe squinted, his face went pale, “Matt…. Get away from the railway.” Matt faced his back behind the railway, looking at Gabe confusedly. Gabe shivered, he couldn’t say anything, he looked at the two and alerted them, silently shivering and pointing at the other side of the station. The lady on the floor started crawling, making slow ticking or metal sounds hitting the ground every move. The lady fell on the railway, but no sound was made. Gabe was still silent, in panic as he makes hand gestures to make Matt step away from the railway. Connor and Janice started shouting at him “Matt get away from there!” Matt laughed, “You guys are just trying to scare me, your tricks won't work on—” as he slowly turned around to face the railway, his words stopped. A hand pulled him down, he held on to the edge, begged the three for help. The three ran to his aid and tried to pull him out, but the hand wont let him go. Then a train suddenly zoomed by. The three fell on the floor as the tugging suddenly stopped. Matt was in front of them, his legs gone, only his upper body was on the floor bleeding. The three froze on the floor, Janice started crying. Connor, closest to Matt's body, slowly crawled backwards, but he too got suddenly pulled by the strange hand, and before he was all the way down the train already came and hit him.

Gabe pulled all of his strength to get up, grabbed Janice and ran up the escalator. Janice tripped on the escalator, Gabe tried to pull her back up but the hand already got her and dragged her down. He only heard the train and a loud thud. He ran up as fast as he could, he tried to open the access gates but it was tight shut, he looked behind and saw a woman, crawling and dragging her torso as it bleeds on the floor, her legs completely gone. He panicked, he kept pushing on the gate but it won't budge. He looked behind once more and saw the woman's face so close to his, covered in hair, dirt, blood, and her eyes bleeding.

The four of them were found by the police the next three days, but their legs were never found.

© 2019 Starly

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