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Tough Moments Happen

I enjoy writing about personal experiences with my family. I am interested in traveling, any culture, ancestry relationships and animals.

Abbey with Her Purse



Abbey had just unlocked the driver’s car door when a tall man with a dark hooded jacket ran up and grabbed her purse. She was so startled that it took a few seconds for her to scream. She still had keys in her hand, so she jumped in her car, started it and took off after the man as he took off on a motorcycle.

Her husband’s mouth dropped open as he was walking toward the car. He didn’t see the robbery, so he had no idea why his wife had left him there. He watched her pull out very quickly, then, yelled at her to no avail.

Abbey was trying to see the license plate on the motorcycle and managed to get three letters. She couldn’t call the police as her phone was in the stolen purse. The man on the motorcycle had seen her follow him so he sped up weaving between traffic until he was long gone. She suddenly realized she had left her husband, who was probably standing on the sidewalk calling her on his phone. She found a place to turn around and headed back to her husband. She was crying by the time she drove back to him.

Her husband finally got in the car and yelled, “What in the hell is wrong with you? You just left me standing here! I was going to call a cab! Why are you crying anyway?”

“A man came up to me as I was getting in the car and grabbed my purse,” she sobbed. “I had the car keys in my hand, so I just wanted to get my purse back, but he got away on a motorcycle. I am sorry, Ben.”

“Calm down, Abbey. It will be alright. We need to call the police,” said Bruce.

“I know. I couldn’t call because my phone was in my purse.”

“That and a plethora of other assorted items,” her husband said trying to calm Abbey. “You are so impulsive. If you would not have pulled away the police would probably be here by now.”

“I suppose, but I just wanted to catch him,” Abbey replied as she was calming down.

“And, then what? Were you going to punch him? What if he had a weapon, Abbey. You could have been killed and nothing is worth that result. Tough moments happen sometimes, Abbey.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” Abbey replied.

Happy Couple


Following Police Report

After they finished the police report they got in the car. and Bruce said, “Let’s head home, Honey. We have to cancel credit cards, call the bank and have your phone shut off, etc., etc.”

“I know. It is a royal pain you know where,” replied Abbey.

Once they arrived home, they started making phone calls. The woman at the bank told Ben that Abbey should also get a new driver’s license and social security card.

“I just hope that rotten man falls off his motorcycle or something!” The frustration showed on Abbey’s face as her husband walked over and hugged her.

“Honey, we will get through this. It is not your fault that the man overpowered you and grabbed your purse.”




Two weeks later Abbey answered the phone and heard, “Mrs. Miller, this is Officer Baker. Do you think you can recognize the man that stole your purse?”

“Oh, I'm not sure. It happened so fast, but I can try.”

“We have arrested a possible suspect that was caught with a woman’s purse, but not yours. He was also riding a motorcycle. If you think you might recognize the man you can look at a lineup this afternoon.”

“Okay. What time?” said Abbey. When she got off the phone she called her husband at work to let him know about the lineup. Ben told her he would pick her up so they could go together even though he didn’t see the man.

Abbey was a bit nervous, but still mad when she headed to the police station with Ben. When she arrived, Officer Baker walked her through the process of attempting to identify the man. Ben just listened quietly.

Abbey walked into the room with the detective and a police officer. When they opened the blind she saw the 5 men standing in a row. She took a deep breath and started looking at each man. She didn’t speak as the detective had told her to look at each man before she identified one. When her eyes saw the fourth man she knew he was the robber, but she looked at the fifth man just to be sure.

She looked at the detective and said, “It is number four.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Stevens,” the detective said, “We sure appreciate your help.”

“What happens now? Will I have to testify?”

“This man will go before a judge. He may get bail until his trial. It is too soon to know,” the officer replied. “You probably won’t have to testify as we caught him with another woman’s purse. Chances are, he will probably take a plea.”

“Thank you. I am so glad he is behind bars now.”

“I identified the robber,” Abbey said to Ben smiling brightly as they headed out of the police station.

“Great. That is great news,” said Ben as he grabbed Abbey and hugged her tightly. He was unconcerned that they had not left the police station yet. Then, they held hands and just kept walking.

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