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I have a vast interest in numerous topics. I write about many different things.

When fires blaze, and hurricanes twist the land will feel the destruction that is damaging the earth this day. “CYNTHIA, WE NEED TO GET OUT NOW!!” screams Ashley as she scoops up the puppy that her and her sister had brought into their home.

“I’m coming.” Replies Cynthia as she hurries up next to her sister.

Both girls rush from their home and to their car. Upon entering their vehicle both girls let out a violent scream as the wind rocks the car back and forth and almost tips them over onto their side. The fire is literally within inches of their home at the edge of the forest behind their house. A million thoughts are racing though their minds as they back up down their driveway and just barely miss ramming into a tree.

“WE NEED TO MOVE QUICKLY, ASHLEY!” shouts Cynthia above the loud crashing winds outside.

© 2018 Vic Watts

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