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Tomorrow, today will become yesterday

Umesh is a freelance writer contributing his creative writings on varied subjects in various sites and portals in the internet.


This story is inspired by the word prompt 'today' provided by the hubber Brenda Arledge in her weekly prompt - 'Word Prompts Help Creativity/ Week 12'.

I have tried to create a story, precisely a love story, inspired by this prompt.


He saw her coming out from the behind of the art gallery building and she then took a turn towards him. Another 100 meters or so and she would be hugging him with the usual warmth. He was standing just outside of the cafe Boulevards where they usually met. This area was less crowded as compared to the main market and that was the reason why Nelson preferred to have the rendezvous in a cosy corner in the main hall of the restaurant. Then, he had the added benefit of getting parking place for his car. Celina was working in a bank and from there she could easily walk down in 8-10 minutes to this place.

Celina was a lovely and cheerful girl but very serious when it came to taking decisions. Nelson often thought that she was too matured for her age. He knew Celine loved him much in spite of his fluctuating temperament and unpredictable nature. Celina had some friends - a few girls and a few boys. She had a good reputation and her friends considered her as a reliable person and often mentioned it to Nelson and also told him that he was a lucky guy that Celine had such a soft corner for him.

Nelson was happy with his relationship with Celina and they were sailing together nicely for last 3 years as good friends and had occasionally some intimate moments also. What Nelson was not sure was whether this would finally emerge as a possible life time co-existence or not. He very well knew his own nature which was sometimes too offending and aggressive.

Nelson's thoughts interrupted as Celina rushed on him and gave him the usual hug. Nelson also reciprocated warmly and they entered the cafe and took their seats near the window as Nelson always preferred that.

Celina was much excited as she wanted to share with Nelson the news of the chances that she might be considered for a better position in the bank and would be looking after the treasury operations. When she told him that news, Nelson felt good. He always had thought that as Celina was so knowledgeable and intelligent, she deserved something better.

"Celina, I have to go out for the weekend to meet my parents and would be back by Wednesday only", Nelson told her.

"Nice, Nelson. Convey them my regards", Celina smiled.

"It means we do not meet during those 5-6 days", Nelson chuckled.

"Yes, I understand", Celina retorted, "But we meet tomorrow and day after tomorrow to compensate."

Nelson was a bit amused. Celina never did that. She usually kept a gap of 2-3 days. Anyway how did it make difference to him, he thought. He always felt good and comfortable with her and if she is coming here voluntarily for next two days, it was a thing to welcome.


Nelson was working in an IT company and was comfortably working from home. Celina was working in a bank and was going there in the early morning and coming back by afternoon. She had some time in hand in the evenings and during that, at least 2-3 times a week, she went to meet Nelson.

But, today was different in the sense that she was meeting Nelson continuously these days and wanted to settle the long pending matter embedded deeply in her mind. She believed that Nelson loved her and she also knew that Nelson also knew her inclination towards him. But Nelson was like that and would never take decisions and simply think about them endlessly. He liked to think and discuss the apprehensions and doubts before taking a small decision. The irony was that even after that he shirked taking decisions. Celina knew it well and also knew that she will have to do something in this matter that was sitting in her head for so long.

Pondering these thoughts Celina reached the cafe and found Nelson as usual waiting for her. She gave him a french hug and they settled inside. They talked, took their coffee, and enjoyed the company of each other and while departing for the day Celina reminded him that they will be meeting again tomorrow as after that Nelson would be leaving the town to meet his parents.

Celina was amazing. She was a good planner. She used to keep a track of her time, her appointments, and everything. Nelson did not praise her often but admired her qualities always in his heart.


When Nelson reached the cafe Boulevards, he spotted Celina standing on the footpath railings seeing far in the deep of opposite street. Nelson was surprised as he was the one who always reached here first. Nelson smiled to himself - this was really an exception.

He whistled softly and Celina turned to him. She literary ran into his arms. This time Celina remained in his arms for a longer time. This was another surprise for Nelson. Why she was so sentimental today. Normally on other days she used to give a quick business like hug.

They entered the cafe and took their usual seats along the window side.

Celina appeared excited. She must be, may be, disclosing something today related to her career, Nelson was guessing.

The waiter came with coffee and placed it on the table. Nelson took the sips. Celina was still engrossed in something but Nelson knew that soon she will start chattering vehemently. Celina was like that. An adorable doll she was.

Celina broke the silence, "Nelson I believe that you love me and you know very well that I love you. I also know that you have some apprehensions about our living together as wife and husband but I do not have any doubts or premonitions about it. I also know that you will not be able to take a decision seriously about our future life. So I take this opportunity to share with you that I want to marry with you as soon as possible and raise a family. I might appear to you as bold and frank and you might feel that I am not giving you a chance to propose but I can't wait now and actually proposing to you. And you could also break this news when you go to meet your parents please. I want to firm up this thing today itself as tomorrow, this thing would become a thing of yesterday."

Nelson was not surprised. His apprehensions just vapoured out in the air and he did not utter a word and simply took Celina's hands in his hands and finally muttered a soft 'yes'.

© 2021 Umesh Chandra Bhatt