Today I Saw the Moon

Updated on June 27, 2017

Today I saw the moon.

Or perhaps I only saw

the distorted reflection

of my tears in the starlight.

I rubbed my eyes against my arm;

what might have been the moon

sank below the trees.

Today I saw the moon,

and I laughed because

it was just past midday.

Look at that nighttime thing

up in the daytime sky,

as wayward as my thoughts.

Today I saw the moon,

and I saw nothing else.

Just the reflection

of the best another

had to give; a star

that only shone

with another shining brighter.

Tonight I spoke to the moon,

and it answered when

my chest unfurled

and my heart began to beat


When I woke up,

it was gone.

Today, I saw the sun.

How strange

that I never noticed

it before.



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