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To Shop for a Shirt - a Flash Fiction

This is my first attempt at a flash fiction. There are so many talented writers on Hubpages. Reading their flash fiction stories inspired me to try my hand at it. So here we go.


Lena has been working as an attendant at a store of a reputed clothing line for the last two years.

She is studying fashion and the job helps pay for college.

She loves to skim through the long rows of chic apparels and alter the arrangements from time to time.

It is before Christmas and all the store clerks are excitedly decorating the shop with tinsel, streamers, bells and stars. Some are draping a bunch of LED lights around the mannequins giving them a festive look.

Where are the materials for the nativity scene Rahul?’ asks Lena.

Rahul directs her towards the men’s formals as he struggles to fix a very big star on top of the Christmas tree.


As Lena unpacks a large carton the store bell rings announcing the beginning of business hours.

Lena adores these pre-Christmas endeavors and is disappointed to realize that she would now have to put a pause on the fun and get back to attend customers.

A strikingly handsome African American gentleman walks into the store and proceeds towards the shirts’ section.

Lena notices him shuffling through the formal shirts but not picking out anything to try on.

She moves across the section to assist.

‘Sir, may I help you with something?’

‘Yes please. I am quite confused. Please advise which ones will look good on me?’

Lena picks out four blues and three greys while informing him about the trial room's location.

‘Would you please take a look as I try them on? I want to look perfect for a date.

Though a bit taken aback by the request, she agrees and leads him towards the changing room.

At trials Lena suggests a light shade of blue and a slate grey that she thinks will go well with his dark bright eyes.

After billing, the man tries to tip Lena for her help but she doesn’t accept.

‘So, which one will you be wearing for the date? The blue or the grey?’ asks Lena.

He smiles and replies, ‘Well you will need to identify them for me to answer that question.’

Lena looks at him puzzled.

‘You see, that’s why I needed help. When it comes to identifying colours I am pretty much blind.’

© 2019 Tiyasha Maitra

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