To My Boys

Updated on June 25, 2017
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Brett has been teaching high school English for over 20 years. This particular poem about his family was composed for one of his classes.

Ah, the days are gone

When every day was magic.

Wagon rides, bike rides, boat rides, rides on daddy's


All forever gone!

Toys lay forgotten in the backroom

Where once we played.

Bedtime stories have been quietly shelved.

Games in the backyard canceled.

No more sword fights or Nerf wars.

The laughter of those golden days has ceased!

Now, we only dare to smile if we have good reason.

No longer do we dance wildly around the playroom

The times have changed...

And not for the best.

We've all grown unspeakably old,

Trudging one step closer to the grave.

What happened to those glorious days,

When you were young and everything was new?

It seems I closed my eyes only for a moment

And when I opened them again, you were men.


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