Tides and Portals

Updated on April 1, 2017

She was an ocean
the enigmatic aura of a muse
She felt like a music note rising,
thrilling and painful to touch

She was an ocean
weighed by gravity, its mindfulness
She felt like the rapture of love,
too wondrous to imagine

I fell into her eyes,
her big sad eyes
but she kept me safe
in her house of mirrors

The lenses on her window sill
liked to change colors
and I saw her love things
with the passion of the suns

I held her in my hands
my own mind trembling,
a great burning potion stirring
within my barren cracked heart

She was an ocean
wounded by infinity, its turbulent shivers
but how does anyone protect an ocean
so I kept it company and spoke to it

And even when we are long past
I'll keep a candle of tenderness
lit for you, your brave heavy soul
that wherever you are,
you are safe and loved by many


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