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Tide of Things Changed

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication



It's a real story that happened in one of the villages in Western part of Nigeria about 60 years ago as being shared with me by my cousin. A story that encourages anyone who has the mind of giving....

I have added flesh to the story to make it intriguing and interesting to be read by my readers globally.

The End of Road

Few months back the community of Toluwalashe has been thrown into mourning because of the demise of Tholahi the head of the family of Toluhin. The man is known to be a philanthropist in the community therefore when the people heard about his death every corner of the town was thrown into mourning.

Different people of different age and sizes in the community started showing different things he has bought for them. How he has helped their families to negate some dangerous bends in the community.

People are asking why should death snatch away such a compassionate person, a philanthropist per excellence somebody who will always ensure that anyone who is crying be comforted, why should death snatch him away just like that.

Some people who are gathered at the mourning site have said that the adage of the land says that a straight tree usually does not last long in the wilderness. But his death is sudden and catastrophic, the people say, wiping tears away from the edges of their eyelids. How, when and where shall we find a replacement for such a wonderful man, our benefactor.

While some people cry and they are not thinking about how to dispose off the body of the dead, the elders of the land and the elders of the family gathered together to deliberate on how to bury the corpse out of their sights as it is said that a person who will die is crying about somebody who is already dead but it is those people who are brainstorming on how to give the dead a befitting burial its eternal place of abode that's actually working for the dead.

After the late Tholahi was successfully buried everybody departs for their respective abode leaving the children and their extended family members that the late Tholahi have been catering for before his demise.

Tholahi left behind two sons, namely Igbani and Igbade and ten daughters. The daughters are married and they are in their respective husbands' houses.

Some of their children are also with their grandfather late Tholahi before his demise he was the one taking care of those children alongside other extended family members that he was taking care of before his death.

Sharing of the Man's Properties

The properties the man left behind were shared among the two male children of the late man, according to the custom of the community. The elder son, Igbani was given 95% of the man's properties while the remaining 5% goes to the younger son.

The elder son was given this huge portion of their father's properties because the responsibility of taking care of those people, the extended family members and the children of his sisters who his father had been taking care of before his demise largely now falls on him.


He Became Tired

It is now the 5th year of the man's death. He has been taking care of those people is father left behind according to the custom of the community.

However at the inception of the sixth year he started complaining about those he has been taken care of. Many of those people discovered that he was not ready to take adequate care of them again; he was not ready to shoulder their responsibilities again. As such they started to shift their focus to the younger son, Igbade.

Out of the meager income coming into Igbade's purse he started taking care of those people coming to him gradually.

When others discovered that those that went to the youngest son are being taken care of very well with him neither grumbling nor complaining they equally started to shift their base to his side, they all gradually started to patronize the younger son Igbade.

When Igbani, the elder son, discovers this, he starts to tell all that's left with him that they can see what their colleagues have done and they should take a step like that and follow them to his younger brother.

Soon enough those left with him also migrated to the tent of his younger brother who welcomed each and every one of them into his tent and was taking care of them all.


Law of Elimination and Substitution Was Noticed

An intriguing thing that was noticed that happened among the two sons is baffling.

When people started to move to the camp of the younger brother it was discovered that the income of the younger brother was increased such that he can meet the needs of all the people who migrated there and as his income increased it was discovered that the income of the Elder brother decreased during this period.

This development was noted to continue as the younger brother keeps accepting people that he will take care of into his camp, his income keeps increasing while the income of the Elder brother who inherited 95% of their father's possession started to decrease in likewise manner.

The younger brother didn't know he would be able to meet the demands of those people when they migrated into his camp, all he had in mind was assisting them with the meager income.

However, on noticing what happened he discovered that miraculously his income had increased such that he was able to meet their needs accordingly.

Counseling His Children

He sat back down one day and called his children and said that he has some words of advice for them. They all got out of their rooms to meet with their father under the tree.

What I am about to tell you my father did not tell me why he was doing what he was doing when he was alive but this I want to share with you I want to share with you from the experience I had over the years. I want to share this because I want you to succeed and make it big in life.

I was not the one who by custom should be taking care of all the people I am taking care of now but because my elder brother who ought to be taking care of them disdained them that is why the burden falls on me to take care of them.

Since I have been doing this I have found God at work in everything I lay my hands upon.

He therefore told his children of the need for them to always have in mind to assist people because as they have the mind to assist people God himself we open doors for them and would bless their handiworks in such a manner they can't explain such that they will be able to meet with the demands of those people who have been thronging their doors.

In the same vein their father stated that those things that look like bags with holes draining one's purses would be miraculously plugged by the Greatest One, Supreme Being that controls the Universe.

I have tried this and I know It works nobody can convince me that it isn't working that is why I am giving you this great key to success so that when you also are on your own you will not close your eyes to those in need those who asked or asking for your assistance you will support and render the assistance for them in any little way you can. You should and must always do this he says.

All his children appreciated him for this wonderful counsel promising him that what he has said they will keep in their left palms…


When Yorùbás say they will keep something in their left palms they are saying they will keep the thing where they will neither lose it nor forget it because it's the ancients belief that people use right hands to eat and after eating you wash your hands or palms and as you are washing your palms such could be washed off. But when kept on the left palms you wouldn't eat with it nor wash it off. That's the logic behind this proverb.

(The End)


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