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Tick Tick

Brianna is a working mom with 25 years of general life experience. She has a little girl and several exotic pets.

Drawn and colored by one of my best friends

Drawn and colored by one of my best friends





The sound of the second hand echoed in the dark nearly empty room. The only other sound was the beating coming from Michelle’s chest. Her body was paralyzed by fear for what may become of her. She remembered all the things she had done, all the lives she had taken. The ropes around her wrists and ankles chewed through her dirty clothes and made her skin feel hot and tender. All she wanted to do was escape from this hell, but all she could do was lay on the cold damp ground and tremble.

After what seemed like centuries, Michelle heard muffled footsteps moving closer and a metal door opening, yet it shed no light into the room. Strong hands gripped her arms and pulled her upright and began drawing her toward the door they came through. Neither of them spoke, only the sound of footsteps and breathing could be heard. As they traveled farther through a dark hall, small flickering lights appeared casting shadows around them. Michelle got a glimpse of the men dragging her, but only long enough to know they were wearing all black with their faces covered by black ski masks concealing their identity.


Soon, the trio came upon a big well-lit wooden door with strange mystic symbols carved into it. A feeling of dread rushed through her body which caused her knees to buckle, but the men kept her up. The shorter man on the right knocked once, twice, and once again alerting whoever was concealed on the other side. Slowly the door opened with a loud screeching sound that echoed through the halls making Michelle’s teeth ache.

The room was only illuminated by black and red candles that appeared to be floating and a few torches spread scarcely around the large open area. In the center of the room was a large stone table with more runes etched into it. Towards the back were hooded figures cloaked in darkness. The man in the center was cloaked in red while the others wore black.


The red man stepped up to the podium and signaled for Michelle and her captors to step forward, and as they did he spoke, “Welcome young lady. What a beauty you are, quite a sight to behold, eh?” He looked around at the men standing beside him who remained silent. “It’s such a shame that your soul is so ugly. There was so much hope for you, my love, but now you’ve betrayed me and threw that all away.” He motioned for the captors to let the girl go.

Michelle shook of the men and began to speak, ”Please, I didn’t realize wh-” she was interrupted.

“You knew exactly what you were doing. You were warned, little demon, of the consequences of the actions you took!” the man thundered so loudly she recoiled from the sound. “You have to pay your dues! Men, place her on the altar,” The captors grabbed her by the still-bound wrists and forced her down on the stone altar. She fought and screamed, but that did nothing to stop the men.


The leader descended to the altar with two of the men in black cloaks who unbound her wrists and ankles. They forced her back to the hard grey stone and tied her wrists and ankles to the small posts jutting from each of the four corners. The man in red removed his hood and looked into Michelle’s bright teary eyes and removed a dagger from the holster hidden under his cloak. Candlelight bounced off of the jagged blade as he positioned it over her chest.

The irises of his eyes turned black and in a deep voice, he said solemnly, “I do love you, my dear daughter, but your sins cannot be forgiven. You have disobeyed me and you have disobeyed our master and now we both must pay the price.” he raised the blade above her and brought it down hard and quick piercing her directly in the heart. The sound of her scream reverberated through the massive room as her eyes widened and then faded. He removed the blade and blood spilled from the wound and saturated the runes with crimson red as he placed the wet blade to his lips and turned to the other figures who had migrated behind him. They removed their hoods and bent their heads, but remained soundless.


The red man cleaned the blood from his blade with a quick wipe of his cloak and placed it back in the holster. He bowed his head and walked out of the room, leaving the others behind to look on at what he had done, at what he had to do. A quiet respect filled the room for a moment and then they, too, left the room. The sound of dripping was all that was left behind as a large creature rose from the ground beside the still figure of the girl’s body. His skin was red and shiny, his eyes gleamed red, his jowls revealed jagged teeth which pierced the still warm tissue of Michelle’s corpse. She was devoured in a matter of moments; the beast’s stomach filled, his hunger satisfied by her sins.

© 2019 Brianna Knight

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