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Thunderstorm; rise of the dead

One cut, two cuts, three cuts, I don't feel the pain, my soul resonates, when my loved one shakes me up & tells me to sleep again.

That, "It's just a dream." Why does it feel so real?

My hands wrapped in bandaids, then it hits me like a ton of bricks, I should have fallen asleep while opening the scars on my wrist.

Oh! I see them, I know they're there, I'm pointing at the demons that I see & people mistaken me, for drawing pictures in the air.

I choke on what I eat, I count the number of calories, did I eat too much or how much do I weigh? Regret fills me in & terror in my eyes, my mind repeats this like a broken record, "I shouldn't of eaten that, it'll be my demise."

Can't hold the river in my eyes that threatens to leave every time, my thoughts, a jungle, oh-so wild.

Catches fire in a blink of an eye. (Wildfire, wildfire)

Burn me along with them, I draw myself from the darkness of the ash but withering in pain while I reform, echoes can be heard from miles of a thunderstorm.

So many empty cups that were once filled with tranquilizers. Oh! I have lost the count, My vision so vague, Overjoyed, as it takes me far away from all sort of heartaches.

Yet worried how long would it last? So relieved, but once the hangover terminates, I will be there from where I started, nothing's working, a lost cause, searching for another escape.

Experts says to follow the prescription, Oh heaven! I am floating in the air, I'm laughing through the tears, in the dark castle that I live, where fear owns the throne & looking after the crown are the enemies.

Leaving me astounded, Because in this war against a thousand fears, I'm the only warrior.

Can't hold the river in my eyes that threatens to leave every time, My thoughts a jungle, so chaotic.

(Wildfire, wildfire)

Rotten memories comes along while I reform, echoes can be heard from miles of a thunderstorm.

I choose to be the lightning tonight, this time I should go with my conscience, I measure all the pros and cons, sudden movement, the only weapon.

In a flash, in a snap, bright and electrostatic, makes your vision blur, coursing as I strike. Ripping my worries apart, dreadful explosion can be heard.

I own the throne & the crown, unties the ropes of anxiety that were once wrapped around.The rain finally pours down, the sky tells my story, horizon yells victory, 'Cause tonight I outperformed.

I reborn each night, stronger than ever before, I prefer dying while I fight but you can't make me bow, know that I will rise again with each sunrise, I can be cold as snow.

Go ahead & challenge my might on your venture but you won't see me torn, echoes can be heard from miles, I'm a thunderstorm.

Author's note:-

"Another secret of the universe: Sometimes pain was like a storm that came out of nowhere. The clearest summer could end in a downpour. Could end in lightning and thunder." ~ Benjamin Alire Saenz.

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