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Three Sixty Degrees Isn't Hot

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It all began here


Mummy told me this story when I was a little girl. And I have decided to include you all in this non ending chain of story telling. It has travelled down a huge mile! And let's not forget; it is some three hundred years old.

Friday was a very little boy with little hands, though he was twelve years old. He was a very out spoken kid and he loved people; even though his love was rarely returned. I smiled when mother said that line.

Why would Friday love with such a big heart when his literal heart was very tiny? Why was he given that name Friday in the first place? And who was not as hot as he thought? Listen as I relate this interesting tale that is three hundred years old.

He stood brightly like a candle light


Father, I don't like the name Friday that was given to me. Everyone thinks I was born on a Friday. Friday complained to his father.

But what is wrong been born on a Friday son? Your great grand father was born on a Friday. And we have always seen Friday as a legendary day. Remember your father was a legend.

He was not a legend dad; he only died a legend. Friday corrected his father.

But what is the difference son? Dying as one, and actually being one? You haven't told anyone what you know right?

No I have not dad. But I intend someday. And you know why?

Please tell me. His father Friday asked with all curiosity.

Well, it is because I intend someday to be the real legend. I am going to make history, and I don't want great grand day sharing it with me. I want to be the first in our family linage to become a legend, and die as one.

And how do you intend to make such a magnificent history? By exposing our legendary secret perhaps? Senior Friday concluded laughing out loud.

You can never tell dad! Friday laughed alongside his father and ran off for school with is tiny school bag bouncing on his back as he ran. It was a gloomy day, and a legendary Friday coincidentally.

As Friday arrived at school, the boys in his class came forward to greet him as usual with the poem they formed just for him. Hello Friday, oops it's Monday, hello Friday no it's Tuesday, not so Friday for it's Wednesday, yes it's Thursday but tomorrow is Friday, and Friday just reminds us that Saturday is here; so what's the use of Friday!

They would recite this poem everyday just to bully him and make him feel out of place with his name.

It worked actually, because Friday was getting tired of his name, and he needed to put a stop to this embarrassment.

The only solution Friday had in mind was to fall in love and he needed to do so quickly. Perhaps, he reasoned; she would marry me and I will change my name to hers, and that will be the end of Friday. Who would he love romantically? Although he has a heart of love, no girl ever showed any romantic interest in him. He was twelve and knew he would have to get married by seventeen, or twenty years of age. In fact, his neighbour had married at fifteen to his nanny's daughter. Right then and there, he had the perfect idea.

On his way home from school, Friday stopped at his father's business to explain to him why he would now need a nanny. His father laughed at his hilarious idea of marrying the nanny's daughter like his neighbour did. But he just had no choice but to watch this funny drama his son was acting. He immediately spoke to his workers to get a nanny for his son. And one of them was quick enough to call in his mother' sister, whom he hated to refer to as an aunty; since she was just a year older than him.

Abigail was eighteen years old and looked really bigger than her age. She was very fat, pale looking but very social and neat. And she loved people!

She and Friday immediately bonded! She took care for his needs and walked him off to and fro from school. She was just the right friend Friday needed. In fact, she offered to allow him address himself as Mr Abigail stone. The whole school laughed at him, but they all responded to this new found name because it made the whole bully adventure more hilarious.

The name Friday was soon forgotten by his class mates, and neighbours. In fact, even his teachers fondly referred to him as Abigail Stone. It was soon accepted because it brought them humor.

Money speaks even for the little ones


That very year, Friday lost his father in death. It was a very tragic experience for him. But he found solace in the arms of Abigail Stone. Being that Friday was the only child of his parent, and he had lost his mother during child birth; he was now was left alone to inherit his father's fishing business. He had no choice but to abandon schooling full-time, so he can carry on his father's fishing business, and with the help of Abigail Stone, he excelled excellently in all areas.

Six years later when he turned eighteen, he finally married Abigail Stone, who was six years older; and they had three beautiful triplet the following year. Friday made history and yes became a legend for all love folk tales. His great grand father's secret was never told, because it was never known. No one knew why great grand father Friday was a legend at death; it was just a rumor that found it's way through and was just carried through.

Friday became the true legend and he and Abigail's love story shock the world some three hundred years ago, and it still does till date.

© 2019 Jade George Anibor

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