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Three Longer Flash Fiction Stories From the Beach 3

Timothy is a Christian who enjoys creating visual art and writing. He has a B.S. in Psychology.


Here in the latest edition of Longer Flash Fiction stories. In this edition I decided to take three of my 99 word stories and expand on them a little. i never really saw the stories as finished but felt they needed a little bit more to make them more complete.


Prompt: A longer version of a one of my previous 99 word flash fiction stories.

Angel Therapy

The angels sat around in a circle. Why, not one of them knew. It did not bother them to stand up. Still the head Angel insisted they handle this session like the humans do, sitting around in chairs. So here they sat waiting for the head Angel to speak.

“Why are we here?” One Angel asked.

The head Angel replied. “This is a meeting of Guardian Angels who have had trouble with the humans to whom they are assigned.”

“So it’s a gripe session.” Replied a plump little Angel who appeared as a female.

“Not a gripe session, “said the Head Angel. A small therapy group.”

“Why do angels need therapy?” Asked another Angel. “We do not suffer from burdensome emotions like humans. We have the creator with whom to speak.”

The head Angel looked around the group.”Don’t you think I know? I just thought it would be a good idea to talk about some of your worst cases. So who wants to go first.”

No one raised their hand.

“Come on, One of you has to go first. Leroy, you’re up.”

“Why me? I mean I don’t really have any major problems with humans...just annoyances.”

“Like what?” Asked the head Angel.

“Well, like when you do your best to answer the requests they’ve brought before God and all they want to do is gripe it didn’t work out the way they wanted.”

“Yeah,” chimed in an Angel known to humans as Larry. “I mean we do not do what we do for accolades but a simple thank you once in a while would be greatly appreciated.”

“Or how about the ones who always want more and more.” Said an Angel named Glory. “You know the ones who always ask you, “Is that it?”

The non complaints went on for another fifteen minutes until one little Angel in the back raised her hand.

“Yes, Delilah.”

“Are we almost done? I have to go meet a human child at the playground in a few minutes.”

The head Angel looked around. “Yes, I think we can call it a day. Each of you has their assignments. We will meet for another session sometime soon.”


Long Black Train Cont.

One minute is life. The next… I remember the flashing lights, pain Sitting in a train station with about thirty others and a creepy dude in a dark robe.

“Excuse me...creepy dude. Where am I?”
“He doesn’t talk to us.” Said the bald man across the room. “We tried already. He only barks out a command now and then.”
“ you know where we are?”
“We’re dead,” said a middle aged blond woman.
“ can that be? I mean I know how...but I thought when you died you opened your eyes standing before Jesus. At least that’s what my mom used to tell me.”

“Me too,“ said another woman. “I went to church for years and the preacher man always said absence from the body in the presence of God.”

”Ah get over it.” Said a grumpy looking dead man. “We’re dead now we must see what is going on”
I started to make a witty retort but was interrupted by a long black train which pulled into the station.
“All aboard,” said the creepy dude, “for Heaven and Hell”

The creepy dude pointed at the long black train. The train to Heaven or Hell. My stomach lurched. I was dead. Which way would I be going? I hopped on the train following the old lady down the isle. I saw an empty seat and sat down. After a few minutes the train lurched and started to move.I looked out the window.

“Hey’d you see that?”
An old woman turned around. “Shhh”
“But it’s my life playing backwards. I saw how I died.”
The creepy dude ambled towards me. “Be quiet. is important.”

I watched my life play out in reverse from the moments right before my death on back to my youth and birth. I noticed quite a few things in my life I would’ve changed or done better. I hoped none of it would be held against me. I remember from my days in youth group when I gave my life to the Lord. I tried to live a good Christian life after then but had my ups and downs. I prayed it would be enough.

The train barreled through the darkness. We all sat there and wondered what would be our fate.


Love Your Sword

“You don't have to love me.”

“ you. You’re my sword. I can’t love you...well how you want.”

“Then I guess I’m going to have to leave.”

“Again you’re a sword you can’t leave.”

“That is the last time I buy a sword from a group of old sprites. I should have known they’d infuse it with some kind of magic.”

“What’d you say?”


She appeared before me.

“Now listen to me, Jolaaan! I heard you bad mouthing me. Remember I’m a magical sword. I can forget to protect you...buddy.”

“Sorry...can we go now?”

“No we need to discuss the matter before us…””

I looked at the sword image standing before me. Sure she was beautiful. Sure she was more woman than I’d seen in years but she was not real. I could not touch her. Wait could I touch her? I poked her in the side. She was solid.

She looked at me. “What are you doing?

“I just wanted to see if you were real.”

She put a hand on her hip. I knew from past experience with other woman I was in for a lecture.

“Of course I’m real. What did you think I was...some figment of your imagination.”

“No I just thought since...well…”

“Oh I get it. You thought I was just smoke and mirrors. A mist who lives in a sword…”

“No no...I thought you were just an infused essence the sprites put in the sword to help guide the sword.”

She smiled. “There is that, but I was once a someone named Kara who volunteered for Never knowing who I would be matched up with...Truth is the sprites knew you were the one who would get the sword beforehand. They can see partway into the future. They thought you were a perfect match. You know the brave rogue who lives an adventurous life. Little did I know…”

“You we’re going to fall in love with me.”


I didn’t know how to answer her. So did the first thing which came to mind. I pulled her into my arms and kissed her. She sure was real. I pulled back. She just looked at me. The surprise of what I’d done registered on her face.

She smiled. “You do have feelings for me.”

“Yes, I never realized it until now. We’ve been traveling together for sometime now and I didn’t realize until now. I mean you walk alongside me when we’re not in battle. Keeping me company on the long road. I guess I didn’t realize how fond of you I’ve grown. Do I love you? The only answer I can think of and it does sound absurd...I do love my sword. She smiled.

© 2021 Timothy Whitt

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