Three Hours to go (Flash Fan Fiction) (The Purge)

Updated on June 13, 2018
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Mike is a delivery driver and extremely amateur writer living in Lakemore Ohio south of Akron, Ohio.

Finding Security

From past experiences, David knew he would be better off getting as high up as he could. The sun was coming up, and soon there wouldn’t be a safe place on the ground. He went from building to building looking for a fire escape that was reachable. On his third try, he found one attached to an abandoned building. It was ideal because the fire escape was the only way up with the interior gutted out. He went up and reached the top to what he thought would be safe. At the top he found a family huddled together seemingly waiting to be found.

Mary & Marcus

A middle-aged African-American man got up and walked over to David. As he walked over, he stayed away from the edges of the building. “listen I don’t know you or what you want all I know is that this is our roof and you have to go.” Without thinking about it, David brought his new rifle across his arms. The man looked at David then back to the others. He said, “if you have to purge then take me but leave my family, please.” The man went to his knees as the others started to stir. David looked up then around. He said, “my name is David Heist, and all I want is to get through this thing and go home. I don’t want to kill anyone.” The man looked at David as he started to get up. David backed away. The man put his hand out in a stopping motion saying, “please don’t get near the edge. My name is Marcus, and this is my wife Mary and our daughter Qiana.” David pointed at two other children in a who are they gesture.

Without Me

We don’t know their names. They haven’t said a word since we found them hiding among some bodies near here.” As Marcus spoke, there was gunfire on the street and screaming. Mary said, “oh god Marcus they found them.” Marcus pointed at a nearby building and said, “we watched a family go into that building about five hours ago, then nothing. People went in and out but no sign of any of them.” David went into a prone position so he could slide up to the edge. Out on the street was a group of armed men and what looked like a mother, father and four children. A fifth child was in the street hacked into pieces. The crowd cheered as one of the men in a black hood pointed to another child and said, “Parents last.” Across in another building was a man with a large caliber rifle. It looked like he was about to open fire when he saw David. David showed him the flash bang then pointed at himself and the ground. The man mimed shooting, and David nodded. David said to Marcus, “let me get down there and then pull the pin and drop this.” Marcus said, “there is no way you are doing this……. Without me.”

We Purge

David handed Marcus one of the rifles he took from another gang. He asked, “have you ever used a gun before?” Marcus detached the magazine and checked it. He then rammed it home and charged the rifle. He said, “I’m a black man living in a poor neighborhood surrounded by rich white people with guns and a day they can shoot me legally so yes, I know how to use a gun.” Marcus said, “groups like this stay together for safety, so if you fire into them they’ll scatter. We will force them away from my family and hopefully disperse them, so they won’t come back.” The two men took up positions at right angles to each other in two buildings to maximize their crossfire. Marcus pointed at the other family. One of the men picked up a child who had to be no more than four-years-old. He screamed, “we purge to prove we are alive, we purge to prove we are alive.” He brought up a machete and put it to the throat of the child. He said, “we purge them to show we are alive.”

Let the Bodies Hit the Floor

Marcus shot the man in the chest, and he fell backward. David aimed and fired at the men closest to the family as the man on the roof shot at the periphery of the group closest to the two buildings. As they fired a flashbang came down from the roof and went off. Out in the open, it didn’t have the same sting, but it was effective at starting the panic they wanted. Marcus went over to the family and told them to run for the fire escape. At first, they didn’t move, but then the charging crowd seemed to turn as a few came back with guns of their own. Marcus led them back to the building as David and the stranger covered them. The street was littered with fifteen to eighteen bodies. The others fled to find a new thing to entertain themselves.


David looked up to thank the guy, but the guy on the other building was gone. Back at the fire escape, Marcus pointed his rifle at David. He said, “I still don’t know you and what I do know is that you’re dangerous, and I can’t have that around my family.” David thought about the gun at his side and the knife on his hip, but he also thought about the people on the roof. Without a word, David tossed Marcus a fresh magazine and left. Time was running out for the holiday as were David’s options.

Did Marcus do the right thing?

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Note from Me (a name I call myself)

I will keep going on this until I reach zero hour. I may also include a prequel story saying who David is but I don't know if that would be a good idea. Some say it's better to have some questions not answered. I will try and post a new part of about 500 to 1,000+ words every Thursday (except for this Thursday because I'm posting it today on Wednesday). One of the nice things about this concept is that I don't necessarily need to follow the same people with every story. Something like the Purge would happen all over the country, so maybe after zero hour, I will do the story from another perspective. More to come...


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