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Three Carcasses _ Ghost Story

Scientific Research Fellow in University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Three Carcasses

Three carcasses floated from Animal Husbandry to Human Colony through the River of Separation. They died of cholera. There was no scope of treatment as animals were regarded as slum dwellers of low rank, unlike the humans, who used to get top class treatment. After their death they were thrown away in the river but humans were buried or cremated. The State of Difference had wiped out the last sign of democracy though the Head of the State was elected by public vote. They crossed the border and entered the separate locality of humans.

One honest human said, ‘I don’t discriminate between high and low. Let me bury one, cremate another and send the other for post-mortem to pay the last tribute’.

One dishonest human said, ‘There is no need to pay tribute as difference is the ethics of life’.

One neutral human stood silent.

The honest human saw the ghost of a dog in nightmare, ‘You understand democracy’.

The dishonest human saw the ghost of a bitch in nightmare, ‘You sound like hell’.

The neutral human saw the ghost of a puppy in nightmare, ‘You are yet to be grown up’.

On the next morning the followers of the dishonest human divided into two sections. One section joined the team, led by the honest human and the other section came to teach the neutral human to take part in the Game of Gambling. None could believe one’s eyes- the presence of human spirit was recorded in the past but the presence of Spirit of Republic was being recorded for the first time. The deprived had the spirit too. They broke the bonds of selfishness to create the bonds of self-sacrifice.

The three carcasses floated towards the Sea of Destination. Upon entering the salt water their souls got liberated and the humans hardly witnessed the nightmares again.

© 2022 Sankhajit Bhattacharjee