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Hazy, Lazy, College Daze

'I write because there is a voice within me that will not be still' Sylvia Plath


On The Edge of Night

I'll get right to the point. I've been Saved for 5 years, have not had a serious relationship with anyone and haven't ever had a real kiss.

I met this guy months ago through a friend. He was in the Gospel choir with me and started a bible study in the basement of his dorm building.

I liked his personality and the way he carried himself with confidence and certainty. Which is why I had developed a crush on him a while ago. But I'm the shy type and kept it to myself. Then he started flirting with me, so I was forced to flirt back. Right?

To make a long story short, we ended up spending time together, because he needed help with his Math homework. And then he asked if we could hang out on the weekends because he constantly got in trouble with his friends. How could I say no to someone who wanted me to rescue him? Right?

Last weekend we were watching a movie late at night and he ended up spending the night. We didn't do anything, we just cuddled. But on the following Tuesday, he called me after one in the morning and asked me if I could keep him company. Thankfully he was able to let me in, because the doors locked hours before.

He was drunk and he wanted me to stay with him through the night.

I didn't give him a anti drinking lecture, because it was obvious that it would have gone in one ear and out of the other. So I just complied and spent the night with him.

Again, we didn't do anything -- much. Mostly cuddled, but his hands drifted a bit ... going from the small of my back to my backside ... And I can't say that I resisted -- much ...

I was on the edge ... the very tip ... of giving in to him.

One or two or more late night hangouts, and it was going to be a wrap.


The Male Virgin

It wasn't easy living with a popular guy.

Especially on those nights when I was so ready to lay in my bed, only to be met with a sock on the door. Which meant that he was entertaining his flavor of the week. But even when I could get in, the room reeked of beer and weed. And watching him get over his Friday/Saturday - Sunday hangovers made me not want to touch anything stronger than Root Beer, ever.

Then there were the stories of the things that went on in the Frat house (aka F**k house). Things like couples, triples, quadruples in the living room and jocks running trains on naive girls. Gelatin shots, smoking, sniffing, drinking "brown liquor" ...

At least I didn't have to experience any of that. But every once in a while I would be awakened by "sloshy" sounds coming from my roommate's bed. And though it was against my better judgement, I would watch the goings on in the dark and silently wished that the torture of being a virgin would be eradicated.

I had a girlfriend.

She was also a virgin. And we were taking it slow and easy. Again, I say, torture ...

My birthday came up and she said that she had a special present for me. But then I didn't get to see her, because she had to go home to see about her dad -- a hypochondriac -- who was allegedly having chest pains. So I was all alone for my birthday. And I wasn't at all fond of that. Even my raunchy roommate was away.

To my surprise, my best friend from home drove the five hours to see me. And I was beyond elated to see her. Especially since she brought me a present and a cake. Ironic since she knew that I had a girlfriend and didn't know that my girl was out of town. But then, we'd known each other since the third grade and she'd never, ever forgotten my birthday.

So we hung out and I was so happy to see her that I insisted that she spend the night instead of driving back. And she played hard to get, even though she knew that she wanted to stay. But I cancelled the furtherance of the debate by tossing her my favorite superhero t-shirt and ordering her to strip.

My roommate wasn't scheduled to come back. So I could have changed his sheets and allowed her to sleep on his bed. But I didn't want to, for fear of her still being subject to catch any manner of bacteria or leftover STDS. And though we had a couch, I really needed her to share my bed like we used to when we were growing up and she'd climb through my window on a hot Summer night.

Except ... Things were different now.

We weren't kids anymore. And one thing led to another ... And we made love for the first, second, third and fourth time ...

A couple of days later, my girlfriend was back. And it turned out that her birthday present to me was that we sleep together ... Her thinking that we were giving our virginity to one another ... And I was definitely not going to tell her otherwise.


The Side Hustle

It all started with a class where I had to make a business plan.

My idea was to start a dating service, based on my love for dating shows and the awareness of 800 and 900 numbers that were crafted to help unsuspecting singles meet their love or loves of their life.

So my professor found the idea intriguing and really encouraged me to go full force on collecting my data and making this a feasible possibility. Which is why I took surveys among female and male students on campus to determine if such an idea was sustainable. And evidently it was. My results revealing that over 80% of the campus and staff would pay to be matched up with someone of interest.

Once I realized that there was truly a market, it wasn't about getting a good mark on my paper and presentation anymore. Now it was about making this business into a reality. Thus my matchmaking service was born.

Though it started out with names and facts, eventually I graduated to pictures and shifted to having a stable of escorts who would be rotated to date different women repeatedly. All for $25 to $50 a pop for a single date. And depending on the length of the date, maybe even $100.

However, a chance perusal of an alternative newspaper filled with erotic based classifieds, led to a brand new idea.

I discovered a couple of ads where women were looking for help being impregnated. And it totally blew my mind. But nervously I took a meeting anyway. And I was dumbfounded to discover that I could get $10,000 to have sex with a woman in hopes of getting her pregnant.

This one I took for the team. I used myself and only myself to fill the order, which grew into 18 subjects total. And though none of them was seeking a father for the children created, I managed to maintain friendships with each woman.


© 2022 LaZeric Freeman

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