This is the loss

Updated on February 22, 2017
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V Ron Dorn is a Canadian writer with a Bachelor's in English and World Language Studies and a Master's in English and Creative Writing.


It was some time after one war

And not so long before another -

The slow creep of fascism

Dimly worming its way

Through the streets

Before exploding

Into Franco’s fury

The moon turned red

The voiceless wind

Tried to sing

Of freedom

The stars

Like silvered eyes


And went out

A great wide tear

Split the aching sky –

Darkness all the way

From Spain

To Canada

An ocean in the night

And the ever distant echoes

Strains of the Internationale

The ghostly ¡No pasarán!

They heard the call

The throb of Spain

Stirring in the wheat

Of the prairies

Songs shuddering

Beneath the crags

Of the Rockies

Glee and lamentation

Keening in Toronto

In Halifax

And Medicine Hat


Of wind and water

Could not fade the sounds of


But also could not stop

The singing


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