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This Summer Dream: Start of Something New

Raizen is a high school student with numerous awards relating to poetry and literature as well as a literary writer for the journalism club.

Brian was a college student, who had just finished his exams and decided to return back to the countryside for summer break. While the city life was treating him well, nothing could beat the crisp air, untouched by pollution. But, he'd be lying if he said that was the only reason for coming back.

In a small yet popular snack store, his best friend, Chris, had been anxiously awaiting his arrival. A young man, who took over his parent's store straight after high school since he couldn't afford to attend college. Still, you could tell that he would have taken the reins regardless when Brian saw the glimmer of passion in his hazel eyes as he waved him off a year ago. So, he decided to make his first stop at his shop, casually strolling in with a grin.

"Welcome! How may I- Holy shit, Brian!?" Chris sputters as he leaps over the counter and hastily combs back his short ebony hair.

Unsurprisingly, Chris has been able to keep his slender and toned physique beneath his uniform in top shape, even with the staggering amount of delights being made daily. Chris had always been the type that hated being lazy, and it showed by the amount of meticulous dedication he poured into each sweet. That, and being an old shop like this needs a lot of maintenance so exercise came naturally.

"You should have told me you were in town! What gives?" Chris chuckles, giving him a tight hug.

"Just wanted to surprise you." Brian says, breaking the embrace.

"C'mon, I would have closed up shop earlier if you'd told me. Want to hangout?" Chris asks as he pats him on the back. Indeed, Brian did come to visit his friend Chris, and he would be lying if he said he came just for the weather.

Brian gave him a more than elated chuckle, showing Chris not so subtly how long he's waited for this "Uhm, DUH! of course, I'm gonna be around for about like, three months and a half, you're not trying to get rid of me this early, are you?" He gives Chris a sly joking smile, then gives him puppy eyes with his emerald green eyes.

Chris laughs warmly, and pats your shoulder. "Three months? That's not nearly long enough, my friend."

"No, it's not. But I'm here for the summer, so it's all good." Brian grinned.

"Uhm, DUH! Of course, I'm gonna be around for about like, three months and a half, you're not trying to get rid of me this early, are you?"Brian lets out a laugh at the horrible imitation of himself by Chris

"Har-har, very funny" Brian says as he punches Chris playfully on the shoulder. A short comfortable silence follows for a bit which gives him a moment to contemplate "Actually, come to think of it Chris, are you sure you wanna hang now? You know we can just do it later, after all I don't want to pull you away from your job" Brian says with mild concern.

Chris is quick to respond to this "Oh Brian, I have plenty of time off and it's not like I have anything better to do. Besides you know, I'd rather you were here with me, rather than with some random stranger"

Brian's heart skips a beat at the comment. Though Brian was almost sure this was simply a friendly gesture, he can't help to think if that could mean more . . . But the brief daydream was quickly gone as he thought of a brilliant idea for a way to spend time together "Well, I mean I haven't been around in a while, and since you're sureee you have some time off . . . " Brian fixes the neon green highlighted bang that has fallen on his face, before facing Chris again and saying "Maybe you can show me around town? You know, show me what's changed?"

Chris's face lights up as he immediately thinks of a myriad of things to show you. He starts going on about the town, its people, and his knowledge of them.
Brian chuckles at Chris's sudden rant, he often got like this when he was really excited or he was really passionate about something "Oh Chrissss" Brian rolls his eyes coyly before smiling and taking him by his hand and pulling him towards the door "Come onnn, Candyman" Brian call Chris by Brian's nickname for him during their childhood. Brian gave it to him not only because Chris loved sweets as a child, they all always loved to watch horror movies together. The thought of the memory made him smile. Brian made a mental note to ask Chris out for a movie sometime. 'Yeah, that would be nice'

Brian was rather excited as Chris led him through the streets to the center of the town, holding his hand as if he were afraid Brian might break away, lest he might be tempted to do so himself. Brian laughed a bit as they passed through one of their old neighbors' houses "So, so you're saying Ms. Amelie finally got to work on her rose garden?" Brian says as he points to the now flowering front lawn.

Chris gave him a look that already told him that wasn’t the case before replying "No, Mr. Robert did. He's a nice guy, and he lets me borrow his tools whenever I need them, so I've been helping him out with the garden." Brian says "Ah, well I always did say that Ms. Amelie never really had the patience for her roses"

Chris gives a soft chuckle before replying "Well she certainly hasn't been working in a while, I guess she must be doing something really important" Chris says as he turns away from the road and walks down the path towards his house. Brian says "Oh! How are your dads anyways?" Chris turns to face him with a soft yet distant expression on his face, before replying "They're fine" He then resumes walking down the path towards his house. Brian catches up to Chris hurriedly and places a hand on his shoulder, stopping him in place and attempting to face him "Hey, you seem upset, what's wrong?" Brian tries to catch his gaze with Brian's emerald green eyes, laced with clear worry.

Chris slowly turns to face Brian, who still stands firm in place, and says "It's nothing, really. Just, I dunno, I guess I'm a little worried" Brian says "Why's that? Is it about your dads? I'm sure they're alright! Last I heard from them they were traveling in Greece" Chris gives a small and quick nod before replying "I'm just worried in general"

"Well don't worry too much, I guess"

"I'm not worried at all"

Brian placed a hand tentatively on the side of Chris's face, in such a subconscious action that Brian almost didn't notice. Chris's face is a deep shade of red, and his eye flinches ever so slightly. Brian then says "Then what is it that's really bothering you?" Chris stares at Brian, contemplating his question, before replying "I've been . . . lonely"

"Ah . . . I see" Brian thought for a moment, before replying "Well I'm here" and Chris's Hazel gaze stared straight into Brian's emerald one. Chris' smile widens as he replies "Yeah, you're here" Brian smiled back "And I'm not going anywhere"

Brian blushes as he realizes just how close he was to Chris's face. He places a hand behind his neck and says "Ah- uhm, a-at least till summer's over, right?" He says, trying to cover up his embarrassment for what he just did.

Chris nods solemnly and turns back towards his house "Until summer's over, right?" Brian stood next to his childhood friend as he gazed at his house, but Brian instead was looking over at Chris as he said, "Yeah, like . . . a summer dream." Chris nodded, still rather distant as he said, "Yep, a summer dream"

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