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Thirty Five Years


From the moment we held hands that day, we became inseparable. He was seven and I was six...

...what brought us together was the church, born to highly devoted Christian parents, became the best of whatever frienship is all about and as kids, we had dreams to grow up watching each other's back. Jerry became a part of me and our parents were so happy for us because the dream of every parent is to see their kids happy.

We lived next to each other so there was no day we didn't see each other and seeing the bond between us, Dad decided to enrol me in Modest primary school simply for us to attend the same school, to our parents, we were more of siblings but to us, we had a dream.

Growing up with a friend turned brother helped me as a little girl. At seven, Jerry was protective of me. One special thing about him is that there was nothing he ever got which he didn't shared with me. As kids we both wanted to be medical doctors but something changed our plans.


Our desires to become medical doctors died when I discovered my passion for arts. And Jerry was fascinated about aircraft...

...he studied so hard and we were there for each other but before we left high school, something we both knew happened. He was walking me home that beautiful day, it was a different day and the first day I wore the dress he got for me for my birthday a week earlier. He looked at me and told me that I was beautiful on the dress.

It wasn't an ordinary compliment because right there that day, we both blew the whistle. We have known each other for years and as young adults about to enter the labor market, we understood that days of partying and clubbing was coming to an end. So when he said it, I believed him because I felt the same way.

That wasn't the first day we kissed each other but it was the first time we had a real kiss and from that moment on, we started planning our family. I love kids like him and we wanted to have four. We had a small wedding immediately after our graduation. Then relocated to Texas.


Jerry enlisted into the marine because he had always wanted to serve...

...If I had known that it would ever get to this, I would have stopped him but it wasn't my call, no I wouldn't have stopped him because he was born for it and he lived his life for humanity. I still remember seeing that jeep drove into our compound and two men stepped out.

I knew the moment I saw them that something had happen to my baby then one of them began to talk and at the end handed me a flag. He promised me that he would come back but what I got instead was a flag. His jet crashed and he was captured by the enemy combact; they captured him alive but killed him two days afterwards.

I know that my baby was a brave soldier and he died fighting to keep us safe. Yes it's true that God brings and also takes but why did he give us just thirty five years? Why did my baby go without saying bye? As I feel on his casket that day, it became clearer to me that even death can't break our bond. So no matter what happened, I am sure that we will meet to part no more someday.

For the love of my life Jerry.

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