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Things A Girl Needs To Know

Updated on October 30, 2016
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Whose Car?
Whose Car?

Excitement lighting her eyes, Mabeline Larson talked about her new boyfriend, Jamison Buffleton, to the five women she had asked to meet with her at the DowneTowne Tea Shoppe.

"He's tall, dark and handsome, just like that old saying. He owns a new Ferrari, and a condo in Riverton Heights. You should see his wardrobe; he took me to his place to put on a fresh shirt for the evening and I peeked into his closet. At Pierre's Place, that swanky restaurant on Marbleton Street, he pulled out a wallet jammed with hundred dollar bills and I can't say how many credit cards. I think he owns a bank. Now, he wants me to go with him this weekend to his mountain cabin near Lake Crescent."

Her friends smiled enigmatic smiles. None wished to dampen her spirits, but each had information Mabeline should know about Mr. Jamison Buffleton.

"If she only knew," thought Janice Bowdrey. "The Ferrari that dirtbag Buffleton claims he owns? He talked me into buying it and putting it in his name. I keep hoping he'll crash it and not come out alive."

"If she only knew," mused Lettie Swanson. "That condo belonged to me. Buffleton tricked me into signing a quit claim deed, then kicked me out of my own digs. Except for his neighbors, I'd hope for it to burn to the ground with him in it."

"What do you think, girls?" Mabeline asked. "Should I go?"

"If she only knew," Connie Conway reflected. "I spent down to my last fifty thousand buying clothes for that peacock. Then he used the togs to trap another woman into his pen. I hope he strangles on one of the fancy ties I gave him."

"If she only knew," mused Jennifer Layton. "Jamie Buffleton took me for nearly every cent I had on a sure thing with a stock broker. When I ran out of money, he ran out of interest in me. He should cut his wrist on a credit card."

"If she only knew," Sarah Mabton reflected. "Buffleton never owned a cabin near a lake. We were to go there, but he drove down a mountain road and said his Ferrari ran out of gas. Maybe it did; he sure hadn't. I barely escaped with my virtue intact. He's an operator that needs a certain operation, in my opinion."

"What do you think, girls?" Mabeline asked. "Should I go?"

She waited for their answers.


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