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There Was a Storyteller


She's seen on the outskirt of town, near the holy river.
She wore a mysterious smile, a vicious one.
I also saw her before, somewhere in the crowd in a decent place.
Not like this meeting.
So the first question arises what on earth I was doing there cause I am not clear about this girl?
It was a bit of a long story that began a day before this unwanted meeting.

so let me introduce myself,
I am an ordinary character that stuck in a regular place called corporate in an ordinary department sales, sound boring, huh!.

It was the morning of Saturday, and I was lying in bed sleeping till 8'o clock. Unknown about my next move cause my work start late on Saturday, but then ultimately, I woke up and started making my breakfast. I heard a distant sound coming from my bedroom, but beside me, my phone started to buzzing. I quickly picked up, and it was a friend of mine who was wanted to have dinner that very day, so I agreed and hung up quietly.

I think I have forgotten about something, and eventually, I tasted my food, and I found out it was salt. I ran out of groceries, and I have decided to buy myself some grocery at that very moment.
I took my key from the couch ( I know It was quite untidy otherwise), locked my room and ran toward my car cause this was the deadly afternoon of Indian summer.

I went to my nearest grocery shop, and it was a multicomplex build in a three-story. I parked my Swift beside a shiny black Mercedes (quite awkward).
later, I took the elevator, but when I got into the elevator, there was this lady standing in the right corner,
I felt something out of the ordinary, her rage, her aura that made my skin crawl.
It was the second floor, so I took my leave and kept on mumbling in my mind that doesn't turn around, keep moving.

Then I did my shopping, had bags full of groceries in one hand and a receipt in the next and started checking on the list.
I got back home, and I can't find my dog 'Sofia'. I forgot to mention her earlier, and She was a breed of Golden retriever.

The important thing is that I haven't seen her since this morning, but I suppose I heard her voice before I left for my shopping, so I started checking, and I found that there was a bloodstain on the floor that goes to my bedroom, she was there with a deep wound on her hand, I gave her a proper first aid, and took her to a veterinary clinic, the doctor said, the injury is intentional it seems like someone has purposely done this, she suggests me to leave Sofia with her for few days. I kissed Sofia on the forehead and came back home.

I started to dread what she means intentionally. Is she pointing at me, or she really meant it. Whatever the case is, but how come this happened on earth?. I searched and searched,
There wasn't a single thing that leads to her injury, I got worried, so I took a day off from my work and stuff, I took two sleeping pills and went to sleep.
I woke up the following day. I am feeling dizzy,
my head was aching, and my body was shivering, with the help of walls, I got myself to stand, made myself a proper tea and a proper Indian breakfast (somehow). I devoured the entire breakfast in a minute.

I scrolled my notifications, some were from friends, and some were from the work that I missed ultimately. when I reached to last message,
I first thought it was clickbait, but no, it wasn't. It was from my schoolmates they were planning a reunion this following night,
I took this as an opportunity to take a break from my messy life, so I said yes and started preparing.

Precisely at 7 pm, I left my room and got into the car and went to this event which was in a farmhouse near Ganga river.

As I came across this river,
It started to rain, there was no way I could see anything, so I turn on my left side of the indicator and decide to take a rest until the vision is improved and unobstructed.

Meantime I turned on my radio and started listening to lofi music, and then I saw her, suddenly it stopped raining as if she had done that. I ran to her, followed her like a shadow. She abruptly stooped near the river.
She asked why I was following her, but I didn't know she knew.
First, I was quiet, then I got hiccups and said, it seems to have seen you somewhere else.

What is your name, Do you know me as well, or was that just me?.
She laughed and said, you seem afraid, yes you know me, but it just you are unconscious, and then I heard a clicking sound and got myself to the psychiatrist clinic.
Did I forgot to mention I had a problem remembering things and a habit of framing things.



JYOTI SHUKLA (author) from INDIA on May 08, 2021:

samaira thank you ....

Samaira on April 30, 2021:

I came across, I saw this masterpiece .....there was ao much suspense that I kept on reading and reading.

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