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The Emptiness

Lolu is a Civil Engineer with a flair and passion for writing.

The Emptiness

The emptiness that exists, the searching that is unending, the longing to fill the space that seemingly rejects all entreaties. No matter what you throw at it, it’s not appeased and the void persists.
There is a space within us that must be filled to give a well-rounded individual. This spaces can be filled with elements that can be chosen from a wide range of options. But not all spaces allow choices. Some are specific, very specific.

Scenario One

A successful senior executive that is looking dapper with hands in his pockets and looking through the glass wall in his high rise office hears the voice of his secretary over the intercom “sir, your wife is here to see you”. He does not answer. “Sir”, the voice comes again. “I’ll be with her shortly”, he replies and continues to stare across the city.
A woman walking far below looks up prompted by pieces of glass and beholds a man chasing after a falling chair as she scampered to safety.

The Analysis

Was this man thrown down, accidentally fell or took the plunge himself? This was a man, highly successful, powerful, clean and devoid of scandal. He had a happy home and everything seemed in place, but he felt empty. There was a yearning within his soul from that void that will feed on nothing else, but to that ascribed to it.
The achievements of life, one’s possessions can bring joy, but they are fleeting and unworthy of the true test of time. So then, what is joy, I mean, true joy?

Scenario Two

A man, homeless, with filthy overgrown beards wrapped in an even filthier blanket shuffles into the train station. He wonders around aimlessly, others giving him a wide berth. He finally settles onto a wooden bench which he has all to himself, no thanks to the hasty retreat of his bench mates. Hunger, his constant companion, reminded him of its presence with a loud growl.
The sound of an approaching train alerts all as they prepare to board. As the train comes into view, the man shrugs off his blanket and waits like all the others. He has no intention of getting on this train however, or any other for that matter. The mid-day express was his target. It approached, and it approached fast, then he takes the leap.

The Analysis

The screams and sighs from passengers is a testimony to the goriness of the scene that unfolded before them. This man presented a picture of lack, nevertheless, why take his own life?

The Convergence

Two scenarios, but one lesson. Could these two men have been saved? What drove them to this point? A disconnect from the source? But then, what is the source? Every being needs the “energy”, if you will, for stability. The soul will long for the connection to the source whether you like it or not. But then again, who is at the source?

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