The Darkest Hour

Updated on June 20, 2017

Her Final Fight

Miranda knew that she heard someone behind her. She could smell the cologne of the man that followed her. Thankfully the wind was blowing from behind her. She sped her steps up and leaned forward slightly to gain a little more momentum. Should I run? She thought to herself. As she sped up, she could hear her pursuer’s footsteps hasten. She wanted to break into a run, but was terrified she might trip and fall, or alert the person behind her. She continued to walk a little faster. She could feel her pulse increasing. She knew she was about two blocks from her boyfriend’s apartment. Just keep walking, don’t stop, she told herself. She realized she could no longer hear the footsteps behind her. She gave a quick over the shoulder glance. There was no one there. Unsure if she had just imagined it, she slowed her walk.

“Good evening” a loud voice came from beside her. A large, white male wearing a hoody was now walking next to her. She let out a small squeak of a scream as he grabbed her by the throat and yanked her into the alleyway. He threw her to the ground. Her purse and belongings spilling into the snow covered ground. The man pulled a large, stainless steel knife from his waistline. She began to mutter for him not to hurt her. The man simply smiled and told her it wouldn’t hurt. “You know what you did and why this is happening to you, don’t play coy!” Her initial thought was to scramble to her feet and run, but she could feel the ground was icy under her hands and knew that her footing would be jeopardized. She grabbed a handful of muck from an icy puddle near her. She launched the handful of muddy, icy, crud at the perpetrator's face. He never moved an inch. The muck flew right past him. He stared into her face. “You shouldn’t have done that Miranda, now it will be worse for you!” Miranda began screaming. “Help me please!” The man grabbed her and pulled her to her feet. “Stop screaming, there is no reason to do that. I am here to help you not to hurt you.” He let her go. “Who are you?” Miranda questioned. “You are worried about the wrong thing. Now just stay quiet.” Miranda was confused. She thought he was following her to hurt her but was he protecting her? Against what?

There was a sudden movement from the man towards Miranda. There was a burning sensation in her lower abdomen. She looked down to see the man’s hand pulling the sharp blade from her stomach. She wanted to scream. She tried so hard to scream but could only open her mouth and look into the man’s eyes. He finished pulling the blade out and then shoved it back into her stomach. This time twisting the knife slowly so that the wound opened up. Blood began to leak down the front of her dress. She could feel its warmth as it flowed down her body. He pulled the blade out. Blood began to drip down into the white snow on the ground. Miranda struggled to remain standing, she solely depended on him holding her up. He turned her loose, letting her body collapse to the snow. She was gasping for breath. He walked over to her purse and dumped the remaining contents onto the dumpster nearby and began to rummage through her items. He picked up a USB drive and shoved it into his jacket pocket. She was losing conscious from the blood loss. He walked back over to her as she fell over on her back. The entire front of her body was now covered in blood, as was the snow around her. She opened her eyes and looked into the man’s face. He knelt down next to her. She could only mutter “Why?” He simply nodded his head from side to side in an unspoken answer of no. He placed his leather glove over her mouth and nose. She attempted to inhale the icy air around her but nothing would come. She struggled but was too weak from blood loss. She slowly started to feel the darkness taking her in. She blinked slowly. She felt warm as her life slowly left her body lying cold in the snow. She closed her eyes for the final time.

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