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The Summer Warms (poem)


The summer warms my memories with you

The sunshine sparkled in your hair

And twilight would still find it there

We’d spend the day without a care

Just being urged by summer air


The summer warms the dreams of lovers two

There somewhere hidden midst the trees

Soft kisses gently meet a breeze

And lovers find new ways to tease

Summer delights as couples please


The summer warms away the chill of night

Yet still I feel familiar breeze pass by

Some whispered hope we share when words run dry

Which seems to promise all we hold in sight


As summer warms our passions also grew

The warmth which makes the flowers blush

Makes melodies which break the hush

Fountains of flames begin to gush

Warm summer days take time to brush


As summer warms us passed the things we knew

We can create this world we see

Within it two live happily

And as we think of family

Our summers also there will be


As summer warms it warns both you and I

To make these memories and hold them tight

A time may come to know it’s all alright

To drift in dreams and wander in the why


What summer warms will one day all be through

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