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The Question: What If?


I was thinking of a lot of things and then I just blurted out “What if?” What if the world is made of chocolate and marshmallows? What if my dog can speak my language? Funny thoughts, really, but they just happen in movies. But seriously, we all have asked the “What Ifs” of this and that. Yes, life is full of questions and one of them is "What If?" So when all of me is not busy and my mind goes off wandering. I think about some “What Ifs” of life.

What If I have More Than What I Have Right Now?

What if we have four hands each? Would that help us accomplish a lot more than we normally do? Would it help us give hugs to or pats on the back of two or more persons at the same time instead of one?

What if we have two hearts? Will our capability to love be doubled? Will it be easier for us to give love even to our worst enemy? Or would we love somebody else other than our wife or husband?

Thankfully, God created us in a wonderful way. Men may try to create humans but with so many flaws. If God created us in the way we would like to imagine, then we wouldn’t be as wonderful as we are. All our systems, every part of our bodies work together perfectly and God has designed them exactly just as He wanted them to be.

Psalm 139:14 - "I will give thanks and praise to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works, and my soul knows it very well."

What If Things Happened Differently?

What if the world is flat? What if the sun is square? What if there are no trees? I cannot imagine the world without trees. There’d be no fresh air and no fruits for us to eat. But then, maybe Eve was never tempted to touch and eat the forbidden fruit! That would mean we are living in a perfect world. But again, it’s just another one of the “What ifs”.

What if there are no TVs just like the old, old days? No phones? No computers and other high-tech gadgets? No internet? Ah, I’m sure there will still be ways we can find to have fun and entertainment. But it would be very boring for the millennials and the younger generations.. Life would be slow and boring, yes, and it would be difficult to learn to cook something we’d like without Google and Youtube. There would be no home-based jobs for others who needed them. And without Facebook? There is no easy way to connect with long lost friends and relatives.

What if all people are rich? Then probably there’d be no one doing the difficult jobs because everybody is a boss and always in an office or a leisure travel. What if all are born leaders? It’s hard to imagine if people are all leaders and no followers. Maybe the world will know no poverty, but the world will be full of proud people without regards to their fellow or the Creator.

What if we speak only one language? It wouldn’t be hard to communicate with one another, even to the most isolated tribes in the world. There will be no confusion and no need to learn different languages and dialects. The Philippines is a small country and yet there are more than 180 dialects. I only speak 3 of them! Thank God there's what we call the national language, otherwise, we would have to communicate through body languages. When the Tower of Babel was being built, people spoke single, common language (Genesis 11:1-9). Because of that, they thought they could build a tower that will reach the sky and they could be gods themselves. To stop them from being delusional, God confused the language because they have lost sight of God and became arrogant and self-sufficient. So there, people were scattered around the world and spoke different languages. What if they did not build the tower? Then we would be speaking one language, which is likely Hebrew. Would you prefer Chinese?

What If?

What if there is no God? If the world exists and there is no God, it would be chaotic and terrifying. There will be evil everywhere, no religion, no Heaven or Hell, and no foundation of life. But I believe God exists because I am here with a body, soul and spirit. The way the parts of my body work together, from the tiniest or even microscopic part to the largest part, tells me there is a wise and wonderful God who created all things.