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The Realization

Being a content creator,it is honour to work on this huge plateform about any aspects.I hope;my articles woud give you something more.

She said, "You don't listen to me. My suggestions, you ignore them. You always do what you want."

She said, "You act like a man. Men always ruled. And you're ruling me."
She said, "Men are selfish. You shouldn't be like that."
She said, "Men are cruel. You shouldn't be like that."
She said. "I don't want you as a man. I want you as mine."

Ooh the words. They really hurt.
His mind was stuck while hearing these words. He came back and got himself locked in a sea of thoughts leading him to the regrets. He was starring at the sky. You know what he was thinking.
"I'm not man"
"Yeah, I am not a man."
"Men are humans. And I am not a man."
"Men are polite. And I am not a man."
"Men are not cruel. And I am not a man."
"Men are not selfish. But I am not a man."
"Men can bow down like a flexible twig. But I am not a man."
"Men are men. But I'm not a man"
"Men are not men like the way she thinks because I showed her the wrong aspect of man. They are created in a very beautiful way with a lot of politeness. But why is she thinking like that? There is only one reason."
"I am not a MAN."

"She thought that men are like that. But actual mistake was mine. I failed to act like a real man."
"I tried to be a man. But I failed." Wow, what a huge failure. "I need to change. And I'll change. The blame on me needs to be removed. And I'll remove it. No argue. No wills. Nothing. I'll change. Although I will make a wish or request but it's on you, either you accept it or reject it."

A wave of realization moved inside him that he needs to be changed. He bowed his head in front of God and just said one thing, "Oh God, just make me able."
He stood up and went to tell her that, "God rewards you with only those things for which you're able. He rewarded me with you because I was able for this. I am able. I'll be able."

All of you should be changed before you're blamed.


© 2021 Osman Ghazi

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