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The Waiting Call

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The call...

The intermittent sound of the cell phone had been beeping all night. She was on her bed, foetus-like. Her hair tangled in her fingers, and her tears hydrated its roots. They were like wild vines, which had completely covered her face, and made a lagoon in her cheekbones. The brick colour pillow floated between the floor and her head, full of ideas; her cell phone, low battery, vibrated repeatedly, hoping that the voice she was waiting to hear, answered.

Occasionally, she would wake up and push away those leaves, branches, and watched the greyish light that barely illuminated the weeping room. She would continually see the name appearing with every beat of her heart until falling asleep with one hand on it; this would happen every night when the stars blazed firmly in the sky, and when the moon lightened her skin in the dark. “Since when to worry about someone became wrong? I thought love was being there didn't matter when, where or why”, she wept, surfed one more into the depths of her dreams; it was the only place where she could accomplish the call.


Time passed, and the vine took its place once again. It surfed on her ears, swam on her breast, slide down to her core and captured her ankles; the stems had wrapped her like a snake, and yet, her breathing was calm.

Over time, flowers began to sprout, each different in size and colour, and soon the vine turned into a beautiful forest, and without her perceiving it the pillow was substituted for velvet cotton. Everything was alive, green, blue, yellow and filled with movement, except where the cell phone continuingly with its tone sang without a rest. The flowers and birds didn´t like the irritating sentiment, nor the quiver it caused. It was a tiny bit of deadland with enough power to poison the entire region.


Time passed once again, and autumn took its place. The rose petals covered the floor with a soft perfume, and the golden leaves of the trees would crack now and then under the tiny feet of the rabbits and the curious foxes until one night she decided to wake herself up; she got tired of being hang up to a dream. The earth trembled when she rose, the waterfall dried and a new light came into her heart. The leaves craked down on her feet; she was wary of following the craved path, now she would carve a new one. She wasn´t willing to repeat the same illusion.

She blew dandelions as she made the new road, winding her hands in the fresh breeze. She felt her body was light, and that her mind was back. “Is this how loves sounds like?” she smiled, for she had not felt alive in a very long time. She danced under the trees and petals, warmly embracing her branches and flowers, the rabbits and parakeets. "Life came out of my tears..." she sobbed "How can something so beautiful came from my pain?" she shook her head, wondered how much time she wasted while living in a fantasy.


The call of the one she thought she needed, was still on the waiting list. But she never realized, and never asked herself otherwise. She just stood up and marched to the next season just as the vines and birds did, leaving that little piece of fruitless earth, to be consumed on its own bitter. She would never come back, as she discovered the wealth that reality can give. The lessons we can find both in happiness and rough seasons that sometimes, living can bring.

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