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The Traveler and the Cleverness of the Goat

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On the only road from the village to the city was an old hut-like inn, owned by a poor man. People traveling on the road often stayed at this inn. Over time, people stopped traveling on this road. was
The reason for this was the robbers, who ambushed and robbed the travelers. The owner of the inn was very worried. There was panic in the village as well. In those days, a traveler came to the village with his goat. When he saw the villagers distressed, he decided to help them.

After spending one night in the village, the next day he went to the city. He carried the goat on his shoulders. Some people were watching him from behind a tree. As he went a little further from the inn, he felt some people are chasing

He became alert.

They were robbers, who were speeding toward the traveler. The traveler was also not unaware. He left the goat on the ground and ran away, but stopped after some distance. The robbers gave a loud laugh and the goats. Moving forward to catch him, the goat took two steps back and, head down, quickly hit one of the robbers in the stomach, he fell over and started screaming.
The other robber ran towards the goat, but the goat also killed him. The robbers wanted to get up and run away, but the goat beat them and made them worse. The robbers were dying of pain. Seeing this situation, the traveler addressed the robbers and said: "If you people promise to stop looting, I will call back this goat, otherwise it will pay you back."
The robbers started repenting loudly that they will not harm anyone in the future. In this way, the peace of the villagers also returned due to the wisdom of the traveler.