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The Storm Rages In the dark of Night

In the darkness of the Night

The storm always seems worse

My thoughts like the seas are tumultuous

They dash against the inner recesses of my mind

Like waves against rocks

Never ending thoughts

Unease creeps into the cracks of normalcy

And rushes back out again as quickly as they develop

To be replaced by waves of self-doubt

Their meaning and course never the same

I fight to stay afloat my mind reasoning each

Like as to a vessel cast out onto the deep dank

bottomless sea

Closing around me choking the very air from water-logged lungs

Almost to be swallowed up by invisible monsters

Then Morning comes again and like a lifeboat

I watch as the waves recede

The fog clears

A lifeline cast out onto perilous waters

The clear skies, the waves again calm

And once again I am able to breathe

The seaweeds which moments before

Wrapped its stringy claws around my neck

retracts and breathe a sigh as the light from the dawn

Cast shadows around the room and I find I am no longer adrift

How I dread the hours of evening tide

I lay immobile waiting always knowing

That the Day will turn to Night and again and again

The sweat like droplets of water leaves me afraid

leaves me afraid for the darkness that's bound to come

The Nighttime is always worse

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