The sound of a cup's demise

Updated on June 15, 2017

A surface displayed,
this dazzling beauty,
elegant handle,
cylindrical form,
unaware of any danger,
sitting peacefully,
comical miscalculation!
clanging bump!,
free fall,
last moment of its true form,
before the impact,
styled in dramatic tragedy,
masterful snap and crack!
chilling crash! as the charging pieces,
clash! and shatter to bits of glass-like,
fragments continuing outward,
In a stride of searing volume,
enough to wake the dead,
further spreading caution,
to the disdain of the careless,
Finally settling in one last,
Vibrating pulse of little particles,
rickety clinks of scattered trinkets,
Careful children! Watch your step!
And that's the tale of the cup.

June 9th 2017


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