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The Song of Silence

Keyur is a college student, studying in India. He loves to write, and wants to take the audience on a rollercoaster of emotions.

It was a warm, pleasant morning. The dew on the fresh green leaves shone like pearls, in the golden sunlight. And there was a charming man, making his way down the street. He was tall and muscular, well dressed in a presidential blue 'Smoke Up!' tshirt, and a black skinny jeans. He was carrying a black leather jacket in one hand, and his guitar in the other. His name was Ed. He was a fine and a quite popular musician. He was making his way to the Carraway Park, as usual. This was Ed's morning ritual. He would get up, get dressed and would march to the Carraway Park. There, he would sit down under a tree, bum a cigarette, and practice the guitar. The park attracted very few people at that time of the day, thus Ed could practice without any disturbance or distraction. Ed reached the park, and looked around. Asusual, there were no more than 10 people. He marched in the direction of the white oak tree, his usual spot. As he was walking, he took a deep breath, and smiled. The air was refreshing. Ed felt that there was something special about the day, but couldn't tell what. He layed his jacket on the left, and rested the guitar on the right. He then crawled under the shadow of the tree, and reached for the pack on cigarettes in his jacket pocket. He bummed a cigarette and opened the cover of his guitar. He slowly took out the black beauty and tuned it in seconds. He began to practice his new song. He couldn't think of a name for it then. He was practising, and enjoying himself. His eyes were closed and he was lost. He was carried away by waves of emotion in his music. He cast a spell on himself. A spell which was irreversible. A spell bound by the enchating, heavenly music. He slowly opened his eyes, and increased the tempo. But then all of a sudden, he stopped. He stopped and the park was silent again, although the notes were still lingering in the air. He saw someone entering the park, and he couldn't stop staring.

The girl slowly approached a bench and sat down. She was the prettiest girl Ed had ever seen. She was tall and fair. She had a heart shaped face, with thin eyebrows, and ocean blue eyes placed perfectly beneath them. She had a sharp nose, and the most captivating smile. Her blonde hair perfectly bounced off on her shoulders, and the side swept bangs disguised the width of her forehead. She was well dressed in a pink blouse, and a royal blue skirt. She had a sketch pad, and a bunch of drawing tools in her hands. She had earphones plugged into her ears, and she seemed to enjoy the song she was listening to. Ed couldn't get his eyes off her. She took the sketchpad, and a pencil, and started sketching something. Ed put his guitar back in the cover, put off the half finished cigarette, picked up his jacket, and made his way to the bench where she was sitting. He carefully kept him guitar at the side of the bench, and sat beside her. He could tell that she had noticed him, but she did not say a word.

"Hey. What are you drawing?", asked Ed, initiating a conversation.

She looked at Ed and shooshed him. Ed sat back quietly, thinking about something better to say. After a minute of silence, Ed spoke again.

"Which song are you listening to ?"

The girl tore out a piece of paper, wrote something, and handed it to Ed. Ed opened it with excitement to find out 'do not disturb' written on it. Ed gave a look of disappointment, but he was captivated by her beauty, and he really liked her, so instead of leaving, he grabbed a pencil from the many kept on the bench there, and wrote ' I'm not leaving' on the same piece of paper, and passed it. She unfolded the paper, read what was written, and chuckled. Ed noticed the chuckle, and it put a smile on his face. Both looked at each other and smiled. She wrote 'see you tomorrow?' on the paper, and rose up as she handed the paper to Ed. She picked up all her stuff, and left. Ed stared at that piece of paper with a smile. He sprang up, put on the jacket, picked up his guitar and made his way home. He was in a jovial mood. He carefully placed the piece of paper between the pages of Dragonfly in Amber. He spent the entire day in his room. All he could do was think about her and wait for the next morning. He practiced the song a couple times, ate a little, and went to bed, thinking about her.e

The alarm buzzed a little early the next morning, and Ed sprang up in bed. He made himself neat, and dressed up. He grabbed a cup of coffee, and he couldn't drink it any faster. He took his guitar, and marched to the park.

"I'd play the song she was listening to, and I'll ask her out", he thought to himself. Ed hurried to the park and sat on the bench they were sitting on the day before. It was a cold day, and the warm sunlight felt nice on the skin. Ed finally admitted it. There was something going on in Ed's mind since the time he saw her, but hw wasn't ready to accept. But he did now. He did not believe in falling in love at the first sight before, but now, he experienced it. Out of nowhere a note appeared on Ed's lap. He looked behind to find the girl smiling at him. She was dressed in white and blue, and wore the same smile. She had her earphones plugged, and her face told that the song she was listening to was her favorite. She came forward and sat down beside Ed. He opened the note.


He took out the same pencil he used the day earlier, wrote back 'Hi' and passed the note.

'You are Ed Hunningham, The musician. Aren't you?', she questioned on the paper.

'Yes. And you are ?' wrote Ed.

'Tracy McConnell' she wrote back.

This chat went on for a couple of minutes until Ed wrote 'Can I listen to the song you're listening to?'

Tracy nodded. She took out the earphones, and plugged them into Ed's ears. Ed could not hear a thing.

"Is it playing?", asked Ed.

Tracy nodded yes, yet Ed could not hear a thing. Tracy read the confusion on Ed's face and handed him a note.

'Its the song of silence', it read.

'I don't understand', replied Ed.

'I am deaf', Tract wrote back.

Ed was awestruck. Not that this made him love her less, but he hadn't expected this.

'You are beautiful', he wrote back.

She looked at Ed and smiled. He took the note from her hand and wrote 'See you tomorrow?'

Ed rose up, picked his guitar and left. His perfect plan was of no use now. He had to come up with something different. Ed could just normally ask her out, but no. He wanted to do something special for her. He spent the entire day thinking what to do. It was in the evening, he got an amazing idea. He took out his laptop and searched something. He did his research and homework, and was ready for tomorrow. He slept with a wide smile on his face.

Ed some up fresh the next morning. This was the big day. He dressed up and hurried to the park. He picked up a rose on his way there. He arrived at the park, nervous. He did not want to mess this up. He closed his eyes for a second, and sighed. He then walked inside. To his surprise, Tracy was already waiting for him. Both knew this day was different. Ed was not there for practice, he was not carrying his guitar, nor was Tracy there to sketch. Tracy saw Ed and waved at him. He waved back and approached the bench. Ed got on his knees and handed her the rose, and then he did something that brought tears in Tracy's eyes. Ed used the sign language, and asked her "Will you go out with me?"

Tracy nodded yes, with tears rushing down her face. Ed wiped away her tears and looked into her eyes. She hugged him tightly. Ed had found his love, and also a name for his song, "the song of silence".

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