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The Reward of Truth

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A king used to rule in Daulatabad country. He was very compassionate and generous. Whoever came to him, would leave him with something. If anyone had a problem, the king himself would try to solve it. He cares a lot for the poor and the needy.
This is the reason why the people of Daulatabad country were very happy with their king and loved him immensely. With the passage of time, pride began to fill the king's head. And he was happy to hear his false praise.
When this news became public, one day a greedy and greedy fakir came to the king's palace.
This poor man went to the king's palace and began to shout false praises of the king saying: "Our king is very generous, let the king give what no one can give."

The king was very happy to hear this. He gave the fakir papaya as a reward and sent him away.

The poor man took the papaya and went back hanging his mouth, he was not at all happy with this reward.
As soon as the first fakir left, the second fakir entered the palace and started shouting the truth: "What God gives, no one can give, not even our king."
The king was displeased by this talk of the poor man. But as he was known to be generous and merciful among the common subjects, he did not think it proper to return the poor man who had come to the palace empty-handed.
The second fakir was very happy after receiving two gold coins.
By chance, the two fakirs met in the market. The first fakir looked very sad. The other fakir asked him: "Friend! Why do you look so sad? "
First, the fakir replied: "I went to the king's palace and praised him and he has given me only a papaya as a reward which is of no use to me."
The second faqir said: "I also went to the king's palace and I said a right and true thing. After hearing that, the king gave me two gold coins as a reward, which made me very happy." "
The first poor man said to the second poor man: "Do you like papaya?" "The second fakir, who did not love wealth and was not greedy, said: "Yes! I like papaya.
The first beggar hears this and says: "So you buy this papaya." Second, he buys papaya in exchange for two gold coins. The first beggar, a gold coin collector, is very happy and leaves.
When the first fakir returns to his home and cuts the papaya, diamonds, and jewels come out of it, and he understands that he has been rewarded for speaking the truth before the king.

While the second greedy and gratifying beggar spends all his money in a few days and goes back to the king's palace to beg. As soon as the king sees him, he asks: "O poor man, I was happy to listen to you and gave you a papaya full of diamonds as a reward. What happened that you started begging again?"
The first fakir told about meeting the second fakir and selling papayas in exchange for dosas.
Hearing this, the king was very surprised. He called the other fakir to the palace and asked: "What came out of the papaya after cutting it?" The other fakir told everything truthfully and also said: "I have Papaya was not returned to the fakir because I had heard that Allah rewards His servants for speaking the truth before kings.
Therefore, I understood that through papaya Allah has given me a reward. Hearing this, the king's eyes were opened and he again became a soft-hearted and humble king like before, and he exiled the greedy fakir.