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The Reflection in the Mirror: Change Is Inevitable.

Dana Tate has been painting pictures with words from childhood. She has a passion for life and a heart for romance.


A Call to Awaken to Purpose.

You came into my life and weakened me and through that through you, I became strong.

You challenged me beyond my own thoughts and limitations, because I had become as complacent as clay.

Then, you shaped, stretched, and molded me and I groaned from the growth of bones that had not been used in a long time, if ever.

I hated the change. Resisted the growth; and cried shamelessly as I banged on doors that were once open but were now shut!

I collapsed in a heap of pain and shivered from fear of the unknown.

Suddenly, a door among all the closed doors opened and a bright light shined out of it. As I tentatively walked over to it and then through it, I was immediately engulfed in fire.

As I walked through the flames I was liquidated, reshaped and refined still, I continued to walk unscathed by the hot flames that licked at my soul and flesh.

And, when I emerged the door shut, and I was in an empty room with a mirror. I walked over to the mirror and stared into it and there stood... me… but not me. A stronger, wiser, better, improved version

Suddenly, the empty room became full of many doors and this time, they were all open. I looked back at the reflection in the mirror and peered closely at my face. The hell I had been through in the transformation didn't even leave a trace.

Instead, the woman who stared back at me was full of confidence, strength and grace. I glanced at the many opened doors behind me; glanced back into the mirror at the reflection before me and smiled.


Change is the only constant thing.

When we find ourselves in a place where we become stuck or complacent, it's a time to change. As we become lost in the hum-drum of life, doing the same repetitious things day after day, life can become boring. Have you ever asked life what does it want from you? I used the words differently because if you ask most of us what we want out of life, it’s an easy question to answer. But we didn't create ourselves or, put ourselves here, an unseen intelligence made that decision for us so asking the Universe "what do you want from me?" seems to be a question that may bring answers.

As people become enlightened (awakened) as to who they truly are the spirit begins to change whether the flesh appreciates it or not. As doors are suddenly closed and our lives become disrupted we can become fearful. What if we don't like the new change? What if we can't do what the new change is expecting of us? But our fears are unnecessary because the only thing we change into is a new and improved "us" the person we were created to be minus the issues we absorbed in life. As we now discover our purpose and walk through life with new meaning, the doors that reflected the old “us” have been closed, and new doors reflecting the new more confident “us” begins to open.

Change is the only constant thing in this world. If we can't depend on anything else, we can count on the fact that our circumstances will change some for the good and some will not be so good. However, If we accept the fact that nothing will stay the same in our life time, our jobs, our relationships with people, even our personalities our likes and dislikes the "fear" of change will not be so scary.


Fear is a stumbling block.

Reflection in the mirror: is a story about change. Of growing spiritually, of suddenly being awakened to purpose, and how scary it can be because we are creatures of comfort. Having doors close that were once open, and trying to continue to do the old in the new can leave many of us feeling frustrated. Some may even look back on their old life and wish for it back, after all, it may have been bad but it was familiar.

The unexpected or not knowing what to expect is scary. "DO NOT FEAR" has been mentioned in the bible 80+ times (but don't quote me I did not count just went off internet statistics) because fear has the ability to hinder us from reaching our highest potential.

Reflection in the mirror: is a story about a woman who didn't have a choice. As things happened beyond her control and many doors were suddenly shut, she had no choice but to walk through the one door purposely left open for her and, what emerged from the fire was a new creation.

As she smiles at her reflection in the mirror what she realized at that moment was the doors weren't shut to hurt her but to help her. And, just maybe to save her from her worst enemy- herself. She smiles because the question she asks the Universe "What do you want from me?" has been answered. For through those many doors awaits her destiny.

How does fear play a role in your desicions?

© 2015 Dana Tate

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