The Reality of Life.

Updated on December 6, 2018
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The text deals with the ways in which life becomes unbearable for us.

I found life as tough as a hell, life has a range of problems to gift you and a very little happiness to offer to you. With each passing day life plans to become more harder and tougher for you. If you compete you exist, else it will roll you down like you never existed.

Life becomes toughest when it snatches your loved once from you. You feel like dying at that moment, you scream and shout, but nothing happens. Miraculously, you sustain, you drink the poison offered by life and you prepare yourself to move ahead. At that moment life watches you keenly and plans how to make you cry again.

All of us have mysteries which we don’t want to share with ourselves even. When life comes to know that you have secrets in your heart it will do every possible thing to let the cat out of the bag. You want to hide these realities because they are none of any benefit for the world. They are related to you and your possession. Life feels nostalgic that why these secrets are hidden so scrupulously in your heart. Life starts searching for opportunities to reveal these realities and mysteries to the world and it does not have a breath of relief until it exposes your assets to the nit-picking people around you. Finally, you give up hating yourself and the world around you.

Life tries thousand ways to supress you, but you must play the battle either deliberately or in compulsion. When you pass across all these situations and get on the track gradually, life starts feeling jealous about that. It cannot bear that despite all the hurdles how a man can move ahead with brevity and succinctness. Then life spreads its net with acumen. It attacks on your mental or physical health. It can crash your car, can make you fall from height or can catch you up in an incurable disease. It snatches your physical fitness and impair you from mobility and agility. At this stage you cannot fight and give up. Life smiles at your helpless and destitute.

Life throw stones in your way with every passing second, but you have to compete because the one can survive who is the fittest.

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