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The Quick-Witted Driver

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The mysterious man and the intelligent driver

A dark and yellow taxi was on the black and narrow road . While the taxi driver thought that he was driving a regular customer to his destination, the truth was actually something else. The taxi driver could hear whisperings and chuckles from the mysterious man but did not think of it as anything peculiar.

The man sitting at the back was a tall man with black hair pushed to the back, mysterious ocean blue eyes, brown leather jacket, black hat and shiny black shoes. The latter was on his phone talking loudly as if unaware of the presence of the driver. The driver continued his way silently without bothering the man. Apparently, the foreigner thought that the driver did not understand his language which was utterly wrong.

The driver stealthily glimpsed at the back to have a better look at the mysterious man he was driving while the latter continued talking on the phone. Time lapsed by and the driver was becoming more and more vigilant by the conversation the man was having on the phone. The driver was listening carefully what the man was talking about , without making it too obvious. All of a sudden, he was aghast and appalled by what he heard. When he heard those words, he realised that he should act immediately. The dark truth was unveiled and the driver immediately knew that a criminal was in his car. The driver was terrified , anxious and scared for his life.

His brain was already churning out possibilities to get him out of this dreadful situation. As clever as he was, a plan cropped up in his head and he found an intelligent way to tackle this frightening situation while he was still flabbergasted.

It was in the nick of time that he realised that a police station was only a few miles away. But still, it was risky. Will his plan succeed? What if the criminal is aware of his plan and attacks him? Will the criminal kill him if his plan fails? His mind was full of these questions . Fortunately enough, he was able send a message to his friend who was a police officer indicating "Help". The driver took a left turn instead of taking a right turn and the goon inside the car had no idea. The driver slowed down his pace when approaching the police station and stopped at a stone's throw of it. It was now or never. He opened the door as fast as he could and got out of the car. The next moment, the police officers barricaded the car and arrested the mysterious man who was indeed a criminal.

The driver was rewarded a cash price and was informed that the criminal was a searched recidivist who was planning a murder. The driver felt a sense of pride for his quick thinking. He retured home excited to share his story to his kids.The following day, this incident was all over the news .